A week in dinners:Part Deux


When I first linked up to this popular series over on Bumbles of Rice back in April 2014, I was full of remorse about the fact that I had to cook three different types of dinners.

1.Normal dinner for the adults,

2.Baby mush for the weaning baby and

3.Potato Waffles for Mini cos that was all she ever fucking ate.

I wondered would I ever do it again and would the next time see blissful harmony around the dinner table and one dinner for everyone in the family.Well the baby is no longer eating baby mush but sadly Mini has not ventured far outside her white/yellow food comfort zone. A bout of illness this week didn’t help matters. Please excuse the lack of photos-my mind was elsewhere these past 7 days!


The Frenchman got some free crabmeat,scallops and clams from a local supplier and made a seafood pasta medley with cream and leeks. I think it was the most decadent meal I’ve ever had in a January. Mini Mini made her papa very happy by eating some clams and scallops. Mini refused point-blank to sample any of it and had some left over spag bol.



If there’s one meal I can cook, it’s roast chicken. I drizzle some olive oil in the dish, add roughly chopped garlic, onion and spuds, make little cuts in the chicken, season, then squeeze half a lemon over it and stick the lemon up its bum. Bang it in the oven for 90 minutes and dinner done! Mini Mini loves chicken so she was happy out. Mini had a little bit of spud. When I was bathing the girls, I noticed a few spots had appeared on Mini. She had escaped the chicken pox that her sister had succumbed to a few weeks ago but I wondered was her luck about to run out.


12 hours later and confirmation that Mini did indeed have The Pox. My mum was up for the night to babysit the fluffy princesses (her words!). I made lasagna but it didn’t turn out so well. A lot of our stuff has been packed away for our impending move to the arsehole of nowhere country so I had difficulty locating any weighing scales or measuring cup. This was a bit of a problem for the making of the roux sauce. Roux sauce might sound daunting to some, but it’s a piece of piss.25g flour, 25g butter, 290 ml milk et voila. I double this for the white sauce for lasagna. Only without measuring tools, I had to wing it and I didn’t make enough to totally cover the top layer of pasta sheets. Which resulted in a lasagna that was tasty, but em, crunchy. And one thing a lasagna should definitely not be is crunchy. Mini had waffles cos she was sick. Mini Mini had some lasagne-the non crunchy part.


Oh the humanity, oh the hangover. Had a great night out helping to celebrate a mate’s birthday but boy did I pay for it the next morning (and afternoon and evening). Mainly cos I’m an idiot and decided I would have ALL the drinks including some Tullamore Dew. Neat. I don’t drink whiskey!I blame the manic glee at getting a night away from the kids that transforms me from sensible mammy to devil-may-care girl out on the town. Needless to say there was a lot of puking, and head holding, and oh God why?I finally managed to pull my warmed up corpse out of the bed at about 3 pm. My poor mum had two patients to deal with that day-Mini with her ongoing chicken pox and me with my delightful hangover. Dinner was chicken curry (made by the Frenchman before he went to work, bless him!) and litres and litres of Coke-just for me. The kids are never getting Coke.Ever.


Mini was completely off her food and said no to Waffles. That’s when we knew it must be serious.


Mini took a turn for the worst and was up half the night vomiting. Her fever spiked at 39.7 and I didn’t like the look of how angry-looking her spots had become. A quick call to the doctor, who advised me to bring her in, followed by a speedy consultation confirmed that her spots had become infected. Dinner for her was some lovely new antibiotic, water and a yogurt. The rest of us had the lasagna minus the crunchy sheets, mixed in with some wholemeal fusilli and some cheese which Mini Mini lapped up.



A complete write off of a day. Mini slept poorly due to the pox, Mini Mini slept poorly due to new teeth. Dinner was frozen pizza. Bedtime for everyone was 9pm.


Mini is feeling better but still isn’t out of the woods.Her appetite is back though which is great as I noticed how light she was when I went to carry her down the stairs(when she’s sick, she must be carried down the stairs,which is fair enough!) So she had as many Waffles as she wanted for dinner (4!) Myself and Mini Mini had frozen Chilli Con Carne. We’re on a mission to empty the freezer before M for Moving Day, whenever that will be!We’re doing rather well in our task!

That’s it. That’s our week in dinners at Minis and Mum HQ. Hoping the next time we partake in this lovely linky, everyone will be eating the same thing as everyone else and we’ll all be pox free. Check out all the other great entries here-lots of food for thought!

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  1. Huge sympathy for the infected pox – we had the same. Only we didn’t catch it as quickly as you did, and ended up in hospital. Small comfort, but maybe helps?!
    I feel your pain on the crunchy lasagne too! Now I’m determined to try again and finally make enough damn sauce

    1. Oh God-hospital,you poor things.On the crunchy lasagne,I hear if you pre cook the sheets you wont have that problem but who has time for that??

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