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There’s an A-Z of me chain post going around in Blog Land and I was tagged (ages ago!) by the lovely and always entertaining Awfully Chipper so here are 26 things you never wanted to know about me!


A is for Aedín,obvs. I once considered changing my name due to no one ever spelling it correctly.English people call me “Aiden”. The best variation I was called was from a Thai guy who thought I had the best name ever as it sounded like “18” so he would always greet me thusly “18,never grow old.”

B is for Brendan,my only sibling. He turned 30 not so long ago.I can’t quite quantify how frickin unbelievable it is that my baby brother is now 30.

C is for Cheese and it is awesome. That is all.

D is for Down syndrome. It’s been amazing to hear from people that they ‘ve learned so much about it just from my little blog. It’s definitely one of my greatest achievements.I guess there’s something about facing your greatest fear and not letting it break you that defines you as a person.
Still not willing to apply that same logic to my arachnophobia though.

E is for Education
I love learning.The idea of being an academic for all of my life definitely appeals. See ‘M’.

F is for France,where I was conceived and the country that so kindly gave me my soul mate.

G is for Galway, my adopted hometown and as the birth place of my daughters, it will always have a special place in my heart and there’s no where quite like it when the sun does shine.

H is for height. As a child I was hella tall.I stopped growing at the age of 12 and I’m quite happy with my rather majestic height of 5 foot 4 and 1/2 inches though truth be told,I’d kill for long legs.

I is for Ireland,a place I love to call home,even though it drives me crazy at times though I was never so proud of out little country than last Saturday when the same sex marriage referendum was passed.

J is for jumpers. You want to make me happy?Buy me a cosy jumper.Yes,I am that sad and old.

K is for Kettle,something that’s switched on a least half a dozen times in our household daily. I drink tea when I’m hungover,teary,pissed off or happy. It’s my go to drink.

L is for Limerick,a place I’m very proud to be from.It gets some amount of stick,but the truth is it’s got a hell of a lot of heart and the people there are something special.

M is for Masters.Yup,after an 11 year hiatus from third level education,I’ll once again be a card carrying student come September.It’ ll be a lot of stress,both financially and mentally and it may or may not lead to a good job. Either way at least when I die,I’ll have an interesting array of letters after my name.

N is for naked body. Giving birth in front of six strangers went a long way towards helping me deal with my body issues but I still wouldn’t be comfortable in my own skin and going to the beach on hot days still fills me with dread.

O is for overdue.I went over by 10 days when I was pregnant with Mini Mini.I thought I was going to be pregnant forever. Getting induced and not allowing her to make her own entrance is a regret of mine though and I wonder what difference another 4 days would have made.

P is for pregnancy.I didn’t particularly enjoy being pregnant but it was a truly amazing experience and something I feel truly blessed to have gone through twice.

R is for running.I started running in January and I’m happy to report that now I’m one of those super lame people on your timeline who is addicted to Runkeeper and PBs. Attempting my first half marathon in September and weirdly not so worried about it anymore.

S is for shin bone,which I fractured engaging in a jumping off the highest step competition with my cousin at our granny’s funeral.My poor father had to bring me to the emergency room in the Regional Hospital Limerick just hours after he had buried his mother.That’s exactly the kind of shit kids put their parents through.

T is for travelling.I caught the travelling bug years ago with an around the world trip. I keep saying we have to go back but (silly) things like babies and buying houses keep getting in the way.

U is for ultrasound. When the cardiologist gave Mini’s heart the all clear,it was the start of feeling that everything was going to be ok. Three days later,we got to bring her home.

V is for violin-a bloody hard instrument to master.I’m a classically trained violinist who played in orchestras up until the age of 19.Now it sits in the spare room gathering dust. That’s something I really have to change that.

W is for wine,my greatest love in this world after the Frenchman and the minis.

X if for X-Mas,one of my most loved times of the year.It’s a funny thing for an atheist to admit but for me it’s all about family and the celebration of another year passing.

Y is for yes, a word I find myself saying all too often although I’m gradually learning to say no every now and again.

Z is for zucchini,my second favourite vegetable.It also tastes great in bread.

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  1. Oh S. That made me laugh. I got hammered drunk after my best friends granny’s funeral and snogged her (French) cousin. A PL (personal low) but at least it makes for a good story. Ditto your shin I’m sure!

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