And then you were 3

My darling Mini, you have turned 3 this week.You are no longer my baby, but a big girl now.

I remember when I was 3 and I cried for days when my parents decided I couldn’t go with them on a weekend away to London.I was disgusted as I was wholly convinced that I was a big girl at 3 and thus deserving of a trip to exotic London. You have already been to London,Brussels and France on a number of occasions and even as far away as the Canary Islands. 
What have you learned since you burst onto the scene 3 years ago?

How to open your eyes and see the world.
How to walk and talk.You speak four languages-English,French,Irish sign language and your mother tongue-Mini-ese.I’m impatient for the day when we ll be able to have a full blown conversation in a language I can understand but I’ll really miss the day when the Mini-ese is no more.
How to sing, and dance like there is no one looking even though all eyes in the room are upon you,
How to laugh, giggle and get everyone else in the vicinity cracking up with you.
How to open doors and cause your mother heart failure as you break for the border, re busy road.
How to brush your teeth( even though you don’t always like it) and how to comb your hair (which you like even less)
How to say hello and wave goodbye.
How to clap handies.
How to turn off lights-you particularly like the game of plunging the living room into darkness when I am breastfeeding your sister or am otherwise incapacitated.
How to model and take perfect photos( this is one thing you definitely did not get from your very unphotogenic mother).
How to be polite with your  enthusiastic “peeze” and “TANK YOU!”s
How to sing your nursery rhymes and count to 10.
How to turn on the TV and operate the remote-this were skills that were acquired early!
How to paint and draw mini masterpieces sometimes on paper,more often on walls,doors and other boring,plain hard surfaces that you know are just begging for a bit of colour and life to be breathed into them.
How to pull off your socks and shoes-in all types of weather-freezing cold or pouring rain,you don’t care,barefoot is best!
How to blow bubbles and blow out the candles on your birthday cake.
How to speak Spanish after only a week’s holidays in Lanzarote-ok, it was only one word-Ola- but it charmed the locals.
How to use smart phones and tablets with ease and how to look suitably perplexed when the same swipe action doesn’t work on TVs or digital cameras (yet!).
How to take my breath away with the force of your hugs.
How to blow kisses and plant big smackers on gratefully accepting cheeks.
How to be a super big sister.

All these amazing things you have learned in three short years. And what have I learned?

That kids don’t come in perfect little packages corresponding to any parenting manual out there. They are all unique individuals with their own unique gifts and challenges.
That I am truly never alone-not even when I’m in the toilet. Particularly when I am in the toilet.

That it’s ok to eat custard creams for breakfast and blueberries for dinner just not every day!
That babies don’t really “do” socks.
To forgive and forget-every day you wake up I see in your face a fresh beginning. You are no longer mad that Mammy refused to give you another episode of Peppa Pig or Papa wouldn’t give you another biscuit after the 3 you’d already chowed down. Kids don’t hold grudges and neither should we as adults.
To celebrate the victories, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem.
To slow down and enjoy every moment with you as we will never get a chance to experience these particular moments again.
I heard Bob Geldolf give an interview years ago in which as a father of four,he was asked for the best parenting advice he’d ever received.He responded with this-you need infinite love and infinite patience. I got the infinite love part down-that was instantaneous,a bolt of lightening that lodged you in my heart where you will never leave.
I’m working on the infinite patience bit-it’s not always easy. I’m not a very patient person and I’m truly sorry for that. But I’m learning, just like you. Every day we are on the road to discovery and you’ve been an awesome co-pilot.

Happy Birthday darling Mini-here’s to many, many more years of adventures together.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mini. My little boy has just turned 3 and like you I've had an amazing time so far 🙂 #magicmoments

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