Boob to Bottle: An Update

It’s amazing how quickly the landscape in a house can change.The steriliser has roared into life and has been kicked into overdrive.The bottles are lined up on the kitchen counter like soldiers about to receive their latest assignments. Boxes of formula now fill the cupboard and the kettle has shrank into the background,unwilling to contemplate the pumped up workload he is about to endure.Yes,the bottle has won.For Mini Mini, her beloved milk making boobies have gone into retirement(possibly on a permanent basis but if there’s one thing life has taught me it’s to never say never!).
It’s taken a week,the longest week in my life I think but number two daughter is finally happy to accept her main foodstuff through a plastic apparatus.

When it came to weaning her off the breast, we had three things to address-
1.Getting her to take the bottle-easier said than done!We just kept going with it and eventually she began to take bigger amounts when she saw there was no alternative being offered. Now she has no problem taking a 210ml bottle, and gets excited as soon as she sees the familiar plastic.
2. Getting her sleeping-this is something I must bare the blame for.I was offering Mini Mini the boob for every little thing she took issue with. It was just a lovely feeling being able to comfort her straight away and so handy.




Concerned about the ground gained by extremist right wing parties across Europe in the recent European parliamentary elections?Boob.
She had no method of settling herself to sleep-she rejected the soother- and babies must have a way to do this in order to have proper sleep cycles.So there was a lot of crying and confusion on the poor little lamb’s part as her human soother was removed from the equation.It made me realise that we had never really let her cry,something babies need to be let do on occasion so as to get the chance to experience all emotions. It was torture though hearing her rising and falling sobs but we quickly got to distinguish a tired cry from the all out assault the senses banshee wail that signals hunger. After a few days, we have discovered that her self settle sleep aids are her fluffy Ellie Bunny and her yellow fleece blanket, which needs to be placed near her face. One night on the monitor I spied her gently stroking the blue ribbons that form part of her cot bumper and sometimes she will use this to guide her on her journey to the land of nod.
3. Establishing a routine. This would be a bonus and something we weren’t really expecting to get formalised this week but I find it great to have one.Mini responded really well to her routine and it makes babysitting her quite easy. Now that solids are well established for her sister-we introduced them a few weeks previously-and she’s happy to take the bottle,we’ve fallen into a natural routine of a few feeds a day spaced out in between her three meals. She’s down to bed between 7-8 and is only waking once during the night to be fed and then she’s good until about 6/7 am or whenever her big sister wakes her up!


I miss breastfeeding terribly but am loving the freedom of not having to be everywhere Mini Mini is at all times of the day.She’s also so close to doing her nights now,something we couldn’t have imagined while she was still being breastfed.In this instance I think we were definitely right to cut the cord.She sleeps better during the day and at night and crucially,she is able to get to sleep herself without the aid of rocking arms or willing boob.It’s been a tough week but we made it out the other side. Now we just have to grin and bear the formula routine for the next 6 months. That means a whole load of extra washing up and sterilising and fights over accidentally reboiling the kettle in order to make a cup of tea 28 minutes after it was initially boiled to make bottles. You know in France they don’t have this boil kettle, wait 30 minutes for it to cool down shit. The formula they have just needs to be made with bottled water. Such a better system!Might ask the Frenchies to pack their suitcases with formula when they’re over later this month. One less thing to be fighting over!

Oh and for those of you who had money on which type of bottle/cup would be the winner for our uber fussy little Mademoiselle,it was the good old reliable Tommee Tippee!


I’m linking up this amazing achievement here with Small Steps Amazing Achievements hosted by the lovely Jane of Ethan’s Escapades and also here for the Magic moment it is!



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  1. I was a little sad to say goodbye to breastfeeding, I was not sad to say goodbye to the steriliser! Have to admit (bad parent moment here) but the 30 min thing wasn’t around with my oldest, and he was fine so I not quite ignored it, but certainly didn’t lose too much sleep over it 🙂 Well done to all of you on making the transition x

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