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I love the chance to get to review original items from Irish companies and this week myself and Mini-Mini got to test drive some things that ticked all those boxes. The company in question is Fluffy Fields. First off-how cute is the name?Even just saying it in my head makes me smile. They use only the finest material to create wonderful blankets, pillows and toys for youIMAG0236r little ones that are both stylish and practical. I received a bamboo blanket, angel wing pillow and a longeared bunny. On their website there are a myriad beautiful patterns to choose from and I can confirm they look just as gooIMAG0234d in the flesh as they do on-screen.




First impressions count and this company made a great one with their choice of packaging. Every item was individually placed in a canvas bag, each with its own unique little ornament.

I opted for the bamboo blanket and angel wing pillow in the Owl Radio pattern. Mini-Mini loves rabbits, Mini loves pigs and Mum loves owls!IMAG0229

The bamboo blanket is made of high quality hypoallergenic material, that is gentle on sensitive skin. It’s designed to breathe more in the summer time, leaving you cool yet retains heat in colder weather. It feels lovely against the skin and is very comfortable. Mini-Mini was more than happy to take a break from trying to master crawling and chill out on her rug, with the blanket wrapped over her.

The Angel Wing pillow is a really nifty little item. Again, it’s made IMAG0227_1out of the same great hypoallergenic, breathable bamboo as the blanket. It’s designed to provide support for little ones’ necks and heads. It’s great for high chairs and buggies. It can be easily folded and popped into its little carrier bag which makes it the perfect travel companion. We’ll be traveling to France in a little less than four weeks (I’m not on a countdown from work or anything!!) and each item will be making the journey with us.

As I may have mentioned before, Mini-Mini loves rabbits. A toy bunny was the first present she ever received and people have continued to give her stuffed and fluffy bunnies of various shapes and sizes as gifts. I knew she’d fall in love with the bunny. She was instantly entranced by his eye-catching green colour and beautiful complementing patterned ears. There are raised bumps on his body to provide tactile stimulation, which was quickly put to the test as our poor little baby is currently teething.


These items make wonderful gifts complete with their own sublime packaging that again is stylish and practical. There are also lovely fleece blankets, sensory fun pads, dribblers and stroller liners available with the same fantastic designs-check out the Green Apple one! The website is easy to navigate and delivery is prompt. Overall, wonderful products from a wonderful Irish company and one I can’t recommend highly enough.


Disclaimer: We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review, however, my opinions remain my own honest ones.IMAG0238

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