From boob to bottle-the ongoing saga

What do the following brands have in common?Avent,Tommee Tippee,Nuk,Mam,Dr Browns and Medela? They all produce baby paraphernalia including bottles and teats,all of which Mini Mini has refused to drink from.
When I embarked on my breastfeeding journey I envisaged difficulties at the start(there were!) but I got over them and never imagined that the end of my role as walking food source would be so traumatic.

Mini Mini hates plastic.She took a bottle a few times when she was still very small but has since decided that it’s no longer for her.She won’t take soothers and is less than impressed with the baby spoons we have been introducing her to while weaning. So it is with bottles. A fake plastic boob is just not to her taste. She knows what she likes and she likes the real deal,accepting no substitute and screaming blue murder if we try to feed her any other way.

It’s expressed breast milk we re trying her with so it’s just the packaging that’s different,the product remains the same but she refuses to play ball.

This is all well and good but this milk machine will be retiring her jugs forever in just a few short weeks as I’m returning to work full time at the end of June.(Urgh,excuse me I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit at the prospect!)

My employer is not very flexible so I don’t see them trying too hard to fit a nursing baby into their perceived busy schedule for me.Also,myself and the Frenchman are booked to go to London just before my return to work. My cousin is getting married over there and it’s going to be a great family reunion.The last time all the cousins were together was my granny’s funeral I think,all the way back in 1992!!
The flights and accommodation are booked,French Granny is coming all the way from France to mind the minis.Everything’s sorted.

Only Mini Mini didn’t get the memo.
I’m at my wits end.We’ve spent a bloody fortune buying all those different teats and I even bought a sippy cup for her which went the same way as the bottles.
I’ve tried putting my little finger into her mouth with the teat( someone suggested this on an Internet forum)
We’ve tried distractions-feeding her in the dark with the night lights on,feeding her in front of a mirror,singing to her,cajoling her,stroking her face, positioning the bottle right beside my boob,allowing her to open her mouth then shoving the bottle in. All to no avail. And the clock is ticking.

Has anyone else had a baby who flat out refused the bottle and how did ye get around it?




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  1. Oh My oldest son was just like that…. but the news is not good, I just ended up feeding him for 15 months as I had left work at that stage…. sorry no help 🙁 I did cut feeds out but he preferred dehydration to bottle… full stop! He took to a cup early though, I started with a straw and he got that straight away. I know mini mini is too young for that though. I know someone who used to just go away for a few days so there was just no boob available and eventually the baby caved! I personally couldn’t do it but it did work for them!

    1. Oh dear, I was afraid of that. Wow, 15 months, fair play to you.I had it in my head that I wanted to go to 6 months but I think if I wasn’t going to work or this wedding that I’d keep breast feeding til Mini Mini is a year old.That way we could avoid smelly formula altogether!

  2. Aedin, I’ve no ideas for you I’m afraid – I was going to suggest a sippy cup until I saw you’d already tried that. Mine loved the boob too but I was lucky enough not to have to go back to work so it wasn’t an issue. I never even tried a bottle on no.2. She did pick up drinking from a straw very early (I remember her doing it at 9 months or so with water when we were on holiday) but that’s no help for you now. It sounds like Mini mini doesn’t like the feel of anything but skin in her mouth. I hope she figures out soon that it’s all the same stuff!

  3. Hi Aedin my little boy is the same – refused all bottles when I tried to switch when he was 5 months. I was amazed that I hadn’t heard that this could happen – everyone warns u about how hard breaatfeeding is at the beginning but nobody mentions this!! We tried loads of bottles, even the boob shaped ones from amazon but he wouldn’t take any of them. When he was 6 months he started to take an ounce or so of water from the nuk trainer cup that’s like a cross between a bottle and a cup. We gradually built it up to him taking formula from this cup. He’s 10 months now and he takes 2 or 3 oz from that cup about 3 times a day but he’s still getting the boob in the morning and night! I’m back at work full time for the last 6 weeks and so far it’s going ok, i just feed him before i leave and then its a nice excuse for extra cuddles in the evening! Hoping to stop Breastfeeding altogether when he’s one tho. Good luck with it, hope it works out for ye 🙂

    1. Thanks-I was surprised too that no one warns you about the possible difficulties you ll encounter trying to get some babies on to the bottle!

  4. Sounds like you’ve tried it all, but the following might be worth a try if not,
    – wrap bottle in worn nursing.bra so that it smells right.
    – don’t bother trying to bottle feed yourself, she knows you have milk, get daddy or grannie to do it, (and not when you are in sight)
    – “normalise” the bottle by leaving it with toys so she can play with it.
    – bottle feed in same position as you would breastfeed. for us hubby initially had best result lying next to her on the bed.

    I pump at work and we initially had problems with bottle, but all fine now. (except the little fairy now refuses a bottle from nursery staff 2 days a week but will take from daddy and grannie! she’s 10 months now so its less of an issue)
    good luck. x

    1. The bottle wrapped in a nursing bra sounds like a great idea-thanks.Will try that and leave her to play with the bottle.

  5. I would definitely let her ‘own’ the sippy cup, just put a little water in it and leave it out so she can help herself. Feeding it to teddies etc might encourage her to have a go herself.Pick one feed and offer bottle every day at that feed. First feed of the day is a good one (but pick one that you don’t have to be there for) you need to be out of arms reach and nostrils smell, so ask partner to do that and steer clear.Go out for a walk so that you can’t offer boob. If she can smell you she will not take the other. Even if she refuses for a few days in a row, keep it up, same feed every day. Can’t think of any other tricks at the mo. Good luck xx

    1. Thanks for all the tips Aisling.Oddly she reacts worse to my partner giving her the bottle than me.She got sick a few times after a formula bottle when she was very small so maybe she associates that with Papa giving her the bottle!

  6. I found the transition really awkward with all of this and Grace was really fussy BUT do you know? I can’t actually remember in the end!! Grace gave up breast feeding up 9 months (her choice) but I think I just went onto standard run of the mill teats. Good luck with all of this and hope she makes a choice soon! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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