Fun Things To Do With Your Little Ones This Winter

  1. Get Crafty

For a kid, there is nothing more fun than getting messy. Having a day of crafts is the perfect day to do this. Get together all of the paint, crayons, glue, glitter, and paper in your house and let them have some fun. If you don’t have any brushes, don’t worry- potato printing and finger painting are great fun. You could even task your child to make a Christmas card or painting so that their creativity has a focus, and you have something nice to put up at the end of it all.

  1. Make Some Music

Okay, giving your child a wooden spoon and a pan might not seem like music to the untrained ear, but to them, it sounds like they’re making an album, and they’re having lots of fun while they’re doing it. Sit with them and bang out patterns for them to copy to improve their memory.

  1. Go To The Cinema

With Christmas just around the corner, there are sure to be some great movies on at the cinema for you to watch with your little ones. Most cinemas offer discounts for mothers and children or midweek showings, so it doesn’t even have to be particularly expensive.

  1. Have A Movie Marathon

What’s better than one movie at the cinema? Several movies at home. Stock up on snacks and microwave popcorn, stick Netflix on, and get comfy in front of the TV. What’s better than introducing kids to wonderful Christmas movies such as Miracle on 34th Street and Home Alone? 

  1. Visit An Aquarium

It might be a bit cold and miserable to take your child to the zoo, but if they are a big animal fan, then you can still take them to an aquarium. Aquariums, like SeaQuest and The Sea Life Centre in the States, are filled to the brim with fascinating underwater creatures, so are sure to keep your children (and you) entertained a good while.

  1. Go To A Science Museum

If you’re looking for somewhere educational and entertaining, like an aquarium, then a science museum is another great option. They have plenty of things to see, do, and play with, all of which is sure to amaze and excite your little scientist.

  1. Get Baking

Nothing feels more Christmassy than baking gingerbread, so why not take the opportunity to bake with your little one. Of course, you can’t let them touch the oven, but they can sieve flour, help to roll out the dough, and make the gingerbread men with a cutter (as long as you’re supervising). They can also help you to decorate them once they’re cooled. The same goes for Christmas cupcakes.

  1. Camp Indoors

If you’ve never camped indoors, then you’re definitely missing out big time. Move some of the furniture around in the living room, build a fort, get some snacks, and watch a movie. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s just that much out of the ordinary that it’s loads of fun. You can even turn off the lights, grab a few torches, and tell a story with shadow puppets.

  1. Go To The Library

During the week, most libraries play host to a range of different activities for mum’s and their little ones, and the winter is no different. There will be readings, activity days, craft days, and so much more. Even if there isn’t an event on, you can still take your tot and get them to pick a few books for you to read either in the library or at home.

  1. Play Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is an entertaining and exciting game for kids and parents alike, and can last absolutely ages. If don’t want to leave your little one roaming around the house while you hide, then hide a few of their cuddly toys and give them clues to help them find them. You could even hide the teddies with a treat, to make the game more fulfilling for your child.

  1. Dance!

With Christmas right around the corner, you should need no excuse to pop on a great Christmas playlist around the house. While it’s on, you and your little one could have a dance-off. It might seem like a ridiculous idea while you’re reading it, but I assure you that it’s great fun, and can have you laughing for hours after. It’s also a great way to keep yourself and your little one fit and healthy, which is pretty important if you’ve been snacking on Christmas themed baked goods.

  1. Make Bird Feeders

Winter may be here, but that does not mean that all of the birds are gone. This is lucky because making bird feeders can be a pretty fun activity for you and your toddler. The simplest bird feeders need only some seed and a length of string, so don’t be put off thinking that it’s going to be expensive, or take a lot of time and effort. Once you’ve finished, you and your child can sit and bird watch.

  1. Write Letters To Santa

Writing letters to Santa is a tradition in some households, so if it’s not in yours, why not make it one? It’s a lot of fun for your children, gets them excited for Christmas, and gives you some idea of the types of things that they want to open on Christmas day.

Don’t let the miserable weather hold you back from having fun with your little ones this winter. There’s still plenty of fun to be had.

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