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Organix Healthy Snacks Finger FoodIf there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent, it’s that snacks are an absolute must when you’re out and about with kids. Kids are grazers and having snacks at all times means there is less whining (they can’t give out when their mouths are full you see!) You obviously don’t want to be dependent on sugary snacks to keep them happy. We love small berries, chopped up grapes, rice cakes and healthy snacks. These healthy snacks have the added bonus of making me feel a tad bit better about my parenting, especially as the minis have a less than stellar diet. Both my girls have been big fans of Organix healthy snacks, especially their berry rice cakes and carrot sticks.

Organix has been providing healthy snacks for busy babies and toddlers for a whole 25 years now.

Healthy snacks from Organix range

In their 25 years of business, did you know that…?

· 12 million people have bought Organix snacks – that’s enough to fill Twickenham 150 times over!

· Organix have sold over 3,000 tons of Goodies raisins – that’s more than 21 blue whales!

· Organix have sold over 235 million Goodies soft oaty bars – laid end to end they would reach to Timbuktu and back 3 times!

Organix wants a world where healthy, nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. Its mission is to champion the right thing for children’s food – by working with parents to demand a better food environment, and supporting them to make good food choices, through honest advice about growing, cooking and eating great food. They are committed to setting standards in their foods, never adding anything unnecessary, and providing parents with peace of mind through the Organix No Junk Promise. Organix makes weaning and finger foods to help little ones discover new shapes, textures and tastes in the early stages of their development, a range of Goodies toddler foods that help make exploring all kinds of food fun, safe and enjoyable as they grow up, and Punk’d, a range of snacks for older children that rebels against junk.

To help celebrate their 25th anniversary, Organix have very kindly given us a selection of their delicious snacks to giveaway including finger foods for babies, Goodies for toddlers plus Punk’d for older children to keep one lucky reader’s minis happy when you’re out and about.

To enter:

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2. Comment below with you favourite healthy snack for little ones.

The tees & cees:
Competition closes on 19th June at midnight. Open to residents of Ireland and the U.K. This competition is run through Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook.

******This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered.******

21 thoughts on “Healthy Snacks Organix Giveaway

  1. Oaty bars and cheese crackers a huge favourite with my two girls and carrot sticks are my little boys’ first weaning treat ..Great choices all round; -)

  2. The berry rice cakes were massive hits with both my older boys, so I’ll be off to buy them in the next couple of months to stuff in bags and car door pockets for this little one! And at home my favourite snack to make for them is pancakes.

    1. Pancakes are a winner in this house too!We make banana ones a lot-quicker to do and a great way to get egg into my protein wary eldest!

  3. The Organix Sweetcorn Rings saved my sanity on many a supermarket trip when my last two were little. Now we make energy balls & flapjacks….they can’t get enough. The small boy loves ‘goans’ too (scones to you & I 😉 )

  4. We spend a lot of time on the go up to crumlin hospital, so snacks are our saviour, I do a little snack box for her with cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, with wraps cut small it keeps her busy for a good while,

  5. The organix carrot sticks are loved by our crew. The other would definitely be bananas…easy to carry and no prep required! And they like them most importantly!!

  6. We all love the carrot sticks – healthy wotsits! I so need to get some more snacks in as we’re always on the go. And I worry about the cost and our health with other food so this is great that it’s got no nasties

  7. My favourite snacks would preferably be something that everyone likes but that’s not always possible!

    My eldest is a fan of strawberries at this time of year, number two likes pickled beetroot and number three is mini enough to still be on a diet of mummy milk only which is at least eminently portable!

  8. The first thing out of the twins mouths every morning is “get us our “porridge bars ” ie the organix oat bars
    Strawberry and apple followed closely by carrot cake are their favourite flavours but theres enough flavpurs for a different bar every day:) great quick healthy snack before playschool too !

  9. My little boy has just turned one and has has been eating this range since he was just over 5 months. He loves them all but especially the carrot stem sticks. I have another little boy due in a couple of weeks and I know he would love these as much as his brother does

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