How To Host The Perfect Baby Shower

There are two things that women like to do in life: gossip with friends and eat good food. When one of your girlfriends is pregnant, you get the chance to combine the two with the perfect baby shower. A baby shower wasn’t really a thing over in the UK until the last few years, but now it’s as fun and done as a hen night! It’s a small party among close friends to ‘shower’ the mother to be with gifts for her and her new baby on the way.

There really isn’t a wrong way to do a shower, but some like to keep it a surprise for their friend. The perfect gift and venue? Well, they can be a little more difficult and this is what we’ve put together for you today. You need some ideas on how to host a shower that will be remembered for life. It’s an exciting way to send a friend into motherhood knowing she has friends around her supporting her and making her feel special!

The Venue

A baby shower is traditionally held in a favourite restaurant if it cannot be held in the home. Think a little outside the box, though! Don’t head to the nearest fast food restaurant – you want this to be a classy affair! Go through the local area and find a quiet but upmarket restaurant or go for a new gastro pub with amazingly high-class gastro pub menus to make sure that there’s a good offering for the whole party. You could reserve a section of a great pub with an amazing menu to keep the party exclusive. You could, of course, hold it outdoors, but it’s not all that conducive when you can’t control the weather. Overall, choose a venue you know works for everyone!

The Games

Entertainment at a shower is an absolute must! Silly games to guess the gender of the baby if you don’t yet know it, guess the baby food flavour and even guess the ‘poop’ in the nappy are all very popular games ideas. If you have enough guests, you could have a contest to see who can build the tallest tower out of nappies. This here is the reason for a private area of a restaurant!

The Gifts

Baby gifts can be really difficult, especially if it’s a surprise shower. The thing is, you can’t really go wrong. Choosing to balance the practical things that will be needed with the cute clothes hanging in the shops just means there’s more choice than you thought. Don’t forget to include party favours and a special keepsake for the mother to be – she will want to remember this day for a long time.

Once you’ve included the decorations and cake, you just have to sort the guests. A surprise shower is always a lovely idea, especially if you are close to the new mother. Gather her closest friends and relatives and make her day something amazing!

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