I pee, you pee, we all pee in the potty (sometimes)

It’s been a while since I had a potty mouth on me so here’s an update on our toilet training. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all the countless blog posts and articles I’ve read on the subject,it’s that when it comes to training you have to follow your child’s example. In other words,you gotta wait til they ‘re ready. Otherwise it’ll be even more tears and tantrums from parent and child alike.

I’ve chosen to ignore this most wise advice after 48 months plus of changing the same arse. Even if it is a super cute one like Mini’s,it’s still been over 4 years of it. That’s not uncommon for kids with Down syndrome but I think (hope) I know my own daughter pretty well by now.I know Mini often seems happy to coast along but that she can accomplish wonders when she puts her mind to it. That kid is made of stern stuff.

Mini two years ago at the start of her Toilet training adventures
Mini two years ago at the start of her Toilet training adventures

Plus, it’s been two years since we first introduced her to a potty, which she absolutely detested at the start and refused point blank to sit on. Since then we’ve progressed from potty to toilet so things are definitely moving in the right direction.

So I’m pushing her a little more and things are progressing slowly. We ‘ve tried the visual thing of the sticker reward chart.We ‘ve tried the thing you’re not supposed to try,which is the sweet/chocolate rewards. Neither of which have produced glowing results.

Mini is happy enough to get on the toilet which she does now without assistance using the cheerful red Ikea steps.You have to remind her,however. Occasionally she may let you know before a number two occurs (she’s good like that). I’m not going to lie,it’s an awesome time in your life as a parent when your child starts to give you advance warning of bowel movements.
It’s like Holy shit, we’re getting there! Literally.

While she’ll give the odd warning of impending poos,peeing in her nappy is not a problem for her and she would stay wet for hours if I didn’t change her. I ‘ve tried putting on a knickers underneath her nappy but this doesn’t seem to bother her in the slightest. I’ve also tried showing her the difference between “good wet” ie washing hands and “bad wet” or wee. She couldn’t care less.

I’ve heard it’s easier to potty train boys than girls at least for number ones,which makes sense.Boys have something to work with.It’s all a bit of a mystery as to where this water is coming from for girls.

The next phase is to abandon the nappy altogether and allow Mini to roam free in the nip so she can get a better understanding of the biological mechanisms at work. I’m just waiting for summer to arrive.It should be any day now.Ahem. One thing I’m more sure of is that this next phase will delight Mini, well the being in the nip part that is. Her new favourite thing is to jump off the toilet mid training and run around the house, starkers from the waist down. She thinks it is the best game ever. Sure it’s cute when she does it, but when I do it people get all offended. Pffttt!

Mini inspecting the stand by potty.
Mini inspecting the stand by potty.

In the meantime,there’s a willing cheerleader in the form of Mini Mini who cheers her big sister on whenever she does a poo or a pee in the toilet.I also get cheered too when I um, perform so that’s great. Yay mum!!Well who couldn’t do with a little more encouragement in their lives eh?

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  1. Maybe the key is to get Mini Mini training so that there’s an element of competition? Because if you’re having one running round starkers, you might as well have two. Right? Right? Not right? 🙂

    1. We have started to sit Mini Mini on the potty and she likes it (so far) Imagine I managed to train the two of them at the same time.I would be the greatest parent ever!!!

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