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I’ve never been good at making New Year’s resolutions. Even less so at sticking to them. It seems to me a rather cruel and pointless exercise-take tired, emotional beings at the lowest ebb in their energy reserves in the depths of winter and shove a whole load of stressful expectations upon their already burdened shoulders. Plus January is the suckiest month of the year but I did  like this linky from the lovely Helen of The Busy Mamas imagining a great year. New Year’s resolutions are just that-hopefully they’re the tools by which you can sculpt your masterpiece, or at the very least take a decent stab at having a great 12 months!So here are the things I’d love to see happen for me in 2015.

1.Ready, Steady Cook!

Having been married in all but name for the past 12 years to an incredibly talented chef has made me incredibly lazy when it comes to cooking. I want 2015 to be the year this finally changes.I want to get organised, get cooking and start feeling better!I feel confident that this desire will kick in any day now and I am going to overlook the reality that I am still eating chocolate for breakfast and I am definitely going to ignore the fact that I started 2015 with a diet of wedges, pizza and a small ocean of Coke in order to combat the first hangover of the New Year.

I really need to take action now as I am the fattest I’ve ever been. Fatty fatty fat fat. The Frenchman joins me in this spiral of shame to the bottom of the fried chicken bowl. Lack of proper sleep is turning us in carb crazed zombies,forever on the look out for the greasy food to keep us going.Its usually beige in colour-pizza,MSG laden Chinese, drab and pitifully sad chicken kormas.So this year is going to be different. it just has to be. Good food will give us more energy. I’m enlisting the help of some fellow bloggers to guide me on my cooking journey. Bumbles of Rice has great, easy recipes and I’m going to finally start using Wholesome Ireland’s debut cookbook. I have also ordered this book, which I’m expecting great things of.

One diet book to rule them all..or something
One diet book to rule them all..or something

2.See more people more of the time.

Sometimes I feel like I’m drifting away on an island, unwittingly cutting ties with friends and family who remain on the mainland. In reality, we all have our own busy lives to lead but I’ve decided I’m going to make a special effort this year to see more people. There are babies who are quickly growing into toddlers who I have never even met. I’d like to get to see them before they head off to college.

3.Run fat girl run!

A mate of mine is turning 40 later on this year. He’s requested his mates join him on a weekend away to Dingle to help celebrate. So far I’m totally there with bells on!Dingle is a great spot and it links in with my previous resolution to see more of the people I’m incredibly fond of. There’s just the teeny matter of the half marathon he’s asked us all to run with him. Now if I’m the fattest I’ve ever been, it follows suit that I’m also the most unfit I’ve ever been. I did manage to run an 8k back in August with zero training but that nearly killed me. I couldn’t walk up and down stairs for weeks afterwards. Weeks!!

I do have just over 9 months to get in shape and get running. I’ve downloaded the Couch to 5k app, which will get me running in 12 weeks so all I have to do is treble that training programme and I’ll be able for my half marathon!Bollocks, that only gets me to 15k!Dear Lord, I’m screwed!

4.Limit social media use

I deactivated my Facebook account a few days ago and I have to say I don’t really miss it as such. I had what I can only describe as an addiction to it-I would constantly find myself scrolling through on my smartphone, snooping on others, watching pointless videos of cats trying to jump from the couch to the windowsill (and miss, ha ha, stupid cats!) and trying hard but failing miserably not to compare myself to others. What I do miss are the groups I’m involved with-the amazingly resourceful and supportive Irish Parenting Bloggers Group amongst others. So I’m going to go back but with a few changes. I’ve deleted the app from my smartphone and I’m going to limit the time I spend on it to a single log on in the evening.

5. Keep on reaching and writing

2014 was the most successful year of my fledging writing “career”. Fuck it, I’m going to remove those inverted commas and start calling it for what it is. I am a writer, dammit!Ok, it’s not enough to give up the day job just yet but I am getting there. This year I actually made some money from my writing, yes, honest to God money!I was published in national newspapers, online publications and had some radio interviews about stuff I had written. Oh, and not forgetting I can now call myself a bona vida published author as one of my short stories made it into a children’s book. Plus there were some best selling ebooks on Amazon that I contributed to. Looking back, it was an amazing year for the struggling artist inside me and I’m really hoping I can build on the foundations she’s painstakingly laid. The dream of being a successful writer may seem like light years away but at least I’m moving in the right direction.

6. Breathe

So many times I have found myself getting over anxious in situations. Like when Mini is not eating/not listening to me/running away from me. Or when Mini Mini refuses to go down for the night. I can feel my temper getting the best of me and I just need to remember to breathe. As I’ve learned, there’s no such thing as perfect parenting and I can be my own harvest judge, jury and executioner. Here’s to a year of Mini inspired art work all over the wall, to feisty little ladies asserting their new found independence and lots of impromptu giggles as we all try to figure it out together.

What resolutions have you made if any? You can check out the ones made by fellow bloggers here if you’re stuck for inspiration!Happy New Year everyone!Thanks so much for stopping by, reading and commenting. x

Happy New Year from Minis & Mum!x-2

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  1. Yes you are a writer and I love reading what you write. I must say I’m glad you have not completely left facebook, as I know we’d all miss you on the IPB group.
    Some big new year changes there for you, especially the half marathon. Good luck with that but at least you’ll make it to Dingle.
    I hope you and your lovely crew have a wonderful new year. Are you in your new abode yet? Very best wishes regardless how you do with your resolutions.

    1. Cheers Tric!Not in the new house yet,there has been some drama at that end.Hoping it will all blow over soon and become nothing more than a stressed blog post with a happy ending.

  2. It was a good year for a great writer. I am sure 2015 will see you go from strength to strength! Good luck on the couch to 5K, I have considered it often (and that’s all I do… consider). Maybe you will inspire me. Happy New year xxx

  3. I love this Aedin – a great testament to your WRITING skills!! You’ve a fab 2015 coming up- new home and all and I hope its a really happy one for you and yours. Thanks for taking part xx ps your mini-marathon friend is either very clever or very evil. I am undecided.

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