Just call me Leo & other tales from the Irish Blog Awards

Last night was the Irish Blog Awards ceremony which was held in a nice hotel in the arsehole of nowhere or Clane as the locals refer to it. Getting there required some organisation and lead to some interesting decisions.I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go as there’s a lot on this month with friends coming to visit, trips down home to Limerick,and the children’s and comedy festivals happening in Galway. It’s definitely not going to be an Oct-sober as some people have planned. So I didn’t go looking for accommodation until last week. Now I love a good hotel search but I couldn’t find anything within a 15 minute drive away. We were already on a bit of a tight schedule to get to the ceremony on time with a two hour journey to factor in and I wanted to try and keep costs down and had planned on drinking(hello-night away from the kids!) so staying that far away from the awards setting wasn’t such an appealing option.

The magic couch-spot the Mini in the background!

The solution came in the form of some outside the box thinking from fellow Irish Parenting Blogger, when she suggested I sleep in my car if all else failed.I drive a Clio,so again not a very appealing option but my friend has a van with no seats in the back and a lovely comfy foldout bed. So a few calls to our respective insurance companies later and we were all set to swap vehicles for the weekend.My plan was to sleep in the hotel car park and we pulled it off. I even received a cheerful good morning from one of the managers as I slipped into the hotel this morning to remove the taste of things most foul from my mouthbrush my teeth.Sucker!

Super van to the rescue!
Super van to the rescue!


And so on to the night itself! It started off with some free samplings of craft cider and ales from Irish breweries Four Provinces and N17 which went down easy.Then it was-deep breath- off the room to meet a whole host of people I knew but had never actually met in the flesh.

It’s a funny thing as a blogger coming out from behind the keyboard and meeting people you’ve built up an online relationship with for the first time.I was nervous and the room was darkened to set the mood so it was a few minutes before I recognised anyone. Thankfully they are all exactly who they appear to be one line-not dodgy auld fellahs pretending to be mums which was reassuring to say the least.
Even more reassuring, they were all super lovely and tremendous craic. There was lots of laughs, shots, more shots,dancing up a storm to the fantastic 80s music, falling over and more shots.At one point it seemed as if the the bar had run out of shot glasses, something unheard of in an Irish drinking establishment, presenting us with a tray of baby Guinnesses in glasses of all shapes and sizes.

I got to meet up with fellow Irish Parenting Bloggers Ouch my Fanny Hurts (I know best parenting blog name ever right?)Life on Hushabye Farm  Bumbles of Rice, Dr How’s Science Wows, The Nursery, Saucepan Kids, Mind the Baby,Proper Fud, Baby Steps,  Where Wishes Come From, Kate Takes 5 Mama.ie,Office Mum  Dairy Free Kids , Learner Mama,My Thoughts on a Page, Put the Kettle on, and At the Clothes Line who was attending with her little baba-the best behaved baby ever,not so much as a peep out of her for the whole time she was there,just happily taking it all in.I would not have been able to do the same with my two lunatics when they were 5 months old.Perhaps the more children you have,the more mellow they become?I am unwilling to roadtest this theory at this particular moment in time.

The food was nice as was the free wine which unfortunately didn’t last long! Yes there was a lot of drinking last night,and yes I am suffering accordingly-Peppa Pig has assumed the role of childminder in my house today. I regret nothing!! There was a goodie bag to take home, but it was a bit rubbish to be honest. Yogurt fans will be happy as there was a whole stack of free yogurt vouchers in there, along with a Lifestyle Sports mug, a Weight Watchers pen, some kind of odd TG4 branded plastic baggy type drinks receptacle, some So body spray that the Youth blog finalists will like and popcorn.Oh and a pencil.

The Irish Parenting Bloggers
The Irish Parenting Bloggers

I didn’t win Best Parenting Blog-that honour went to the lovely,talented and incredibly modest Lisa of Mama.ie. It’s my second time as a finalist and second time coming away empty handed,leaving my friend to charmingly refer to me as Leonardo as in DiCaprio-.There’s always next year but finalist or not-if the night out is half as much craic as this years was then I’m in for a treat. Fair play to the organisers for devising such a great evening.

Oh and not forgetting I did get to take home my own stolen centrepiece award that I was presented with from my one of my biggest fans and wonderful date for the night-thanks Dee!

My “award”

And now my night of glitz and glamour is over and I’m back to changing shitty nappies,getting spewed on and getting kicked in the fanny. The life of a parenting blogger! 🙂

Back to reality with a bang.
Back to reality with a bang.

22 thoughts on “Just call me Leo & other tales from the Irish Blog Awards

  1. Oh I’m well jel to have missed out on such a great night. Make room in the van for me next year!!!!

  2. It was so much fun Aedín. You made the right decision to bring the van. I deeply regretted driving and being stuck sipping sparkling water all night while the rest of you enjoyed the wine! I’ll know better next year! 😉

  3. I was a bit jealous of your van-plan when I was leaving to head back to Dublin, and even more so when the kids were in at 6 o’clock this morning while my husband snored contentedly. Maybe next year 🙂
    Lovely to meet in real life!

  4. Ha ha great post/recap. Sorry you didn’t win as I love your blog but that didn’t stop the Craic.
    It was great meeting you and dee. You were as fab as you are online.
    I’m another one in the van next year! Am lying in a heap since I got home.

  5. It was such a funny night.I haven’t laughed that much in ages.Must try and get everyone from IPBG going next year.We ll totally take over!

  6. So lovely to meet you and can I book a squeezy space in the van next year? And how did we have to travel so far to meet when we live so close? Coffee soon a little more local?

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