Mini adventures in Potty Training

Yay!No pants Thursday!!

So we’ve bought the potty and are somewhat committed-even though I feel Mini is not quite ready to get stuck into hardcore potty training-spurred on by the lovely weather we’ve been enjoying this week. Mini doesn’t have any words or signs for when she’s doing the business but she is squatting in a corner when she poos and is then coming to us straight away with requests to be cleaned so we reckon she’s on the right track.

So this Thursday I took her nappy off and let her roam the garden with a bare bum to help her become more aware of what’s going on down below. This she loved as if there’s one thing guaranteed to make that big smile even wider, it’s being in the nudey as the photos below will testify to.

So she’s delighted but I was a bit all over the place- actually following her around the garden with the potty, ready to pounce at the first sign of squatting. Is there an easier way I wonder? Potty training has been something I’ve been absolutely dreading! Half an hour later and it was, alas, time to reclaim the pants in order to go to the shops for dinner supplies. We’ll try again and for as long as the good weather continues, so em, until tomorrow then!!No, hopefully not!!
Any nuggets ( no pun intended!) of info from parents of successful graduands to the toilet seat would be gratefully welcomed!

The shiny new potty.
I could get used to this!

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