Mini bunny hops

It was a really lovely week this Easter. My parents came up to us in Galway,the sun shone for the whole weekend-an unprecedented event at this time of year!There was the food festival and a friend finally came home from Canada after nearly two years away.

It was Mini’s first year getting the concept of the chocolate egg I think.She doesn’t get that much chocolate during the year and she was excited by the green wrapped foil Easter egg-the Peppa box helped of course!She happily dug into the chocolate once I had cracked it open for her.
Mini enjoying Easter week

We also got around to setting up her trampoline. Mini’s doing well physically speaking but while she’s very steady on her feet,is starting to run and can climb well,she still can’t jump. Jumping isn’t as easy as it looks and requires bilateral coordination or the ability to use both sides of the body to do something different.  On average, a kid with Down syndrome learns to walk at 2 and jump at 4. Mini’s been walking since 20 months so now we are working on jumping,. This action is great as it strengthens the calf muscles,which tend to be weak in kids with Down syndrome. One of her birthday presents this year was a mini trampoline.It’s an indoor model-not far off the ground with a handle to hold onto.Mini’s taken to it really well and is jumping on it for a few minutes everyday. Now when I say jumping, she still hasn’t mastered the action of both legs leaving the ground at the same time, it’s more of a canter she’s got going on but it’s definitely jump like and brings us closer to another milestone.
I love my trampoline!

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  1. Great way to practice. My son was virtually 4 before he jumped & he doesn't have Downs, but felt under pressure at 2.5 year check because he couldn't do it (not that they followed it up in anyway).

  2. Pity they didn't follow it up to help calm any anxieties you were having over it. I feel with a lot of health care professionals, its either an over or an under reaction to possible issues with our kids. Need to find a happy medium!

  3. Sounds like she is getting there with jumping. We were asked if Ethan could jump at his diagnosis and the answer is no, there is now stopping him now. That and climbing! Sounds like you had a great easter, we are still working our way through the chocolate!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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