Mini Charmer

Another week gone, another week closer to the arrival of mini Mini. I’m 32 weeks and 5 days, which means that in 7 weeks and 2 days she’ll be here!!Or maybe she won’t be-I’m just assuming she will be on time as her sister was early, but of course that’s not always how it works!Babies work very much to their own schedule!

I’ve spent a lot of time this week pondering how much help mini Mini will be to Mini in terms of speech and other areas of her development she is lagging behind her peers in. I hate to think I’m placing expectations on the poor girl before she’s even here but (and I know I am guilty of harping on about this), I would just love it if Mini could make more progress in the speech department. Having an actual conversation with your child is something that to me, seems to be one of the most exciting and amazing results of having children. Then of course there are moments when Mini proves just how advanced in a certain area she is and this weekend provided us with just one of them.

On Saturday, we were at a small playground in town where Mini had the run of the place to herself. A woman came in and sat at the bench at the far side of the playground. She was alone, and while she didn’t look especially unhappy, there was a definite air of melancholy surrounding her slightly slumped shoulders. Mini took one look at her, and toddled determinedly in her direction, hopped up on the bench beside her, greeted her with a beaming smile and a “hiiiiii” and promptly extended her arm for a handshake.

The woman was obviously touched and accepted Mini’s outstretched hand with mutterings of “oh, you’re a friendly little thing.” Mission accomplished and new friend made, Mini hopped off the bench and resumed her tour of the playground. The woman stayed for a little bit longer, than left, her shoulders noticeably straighter, her steps a little less heavy. It’s moments like these that make me so proud of my little girl. She may not be enthralling people with tales about her day at creche or the latest adventures of Peppa Pig, but she is already an amazing communicator in her own right and it seems, a really nice human being to boot.

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