Mini chatterboxes

The minis are getting a lot more vocal of late. Mini Mini is building quite the vocabulary. Every day brings more words, in both French and English. Did everyone know they could do this? The babies.Just talking away, repeating everything you say. It’s amazing. I am actually blown away by it all. Ok, obviously, I know kids learn to talk but when you’re watching the process unfold on a daily basis ,it’s truly mind-blowing. First there was this horizontal scrunched up little ball of a human who cried and screamed to get her point across. Gradually she has unfurled and gone vertical and now come the words. She’s like a little parrot. It’s magic. It’s the greatest kind of magic. Of course, this means I’m really going to have to curb the cursing unless I want an individual whose mouth is as dirty as the contents of her nappy. Kids who swear are hilarious, just as long as they’re not your kids!

Not to be outdone, Mini is progressing nicely in the conversational world. We went to a speech and language course a few years ago where we learned about The Hanen Programme, which was developed in Canada in order to aid speech and language development in children. They outlined four distinct stages of a child’s communication development.

Discoverer-where a baby is discovering about language. He will look at you when you talk or sing to him and reciprocates smiles and responds when his name is called.

Communicator-where babies and children points to something to indicate their want, imitates sounds and uses gestures such as waving goodbye and shaking her head.

First Words User-when a child begins to use about 25-50 words or signs.

Combiner-when a child combines two words together.

I am thrilled to report that Mini is finally onto the combiner stage. So now it’s lots of “bye bye Mummy (I’m still Mummy with a strong English accent.Damn you Peppa Pig!!) and Papa” and her absolute favourite “go car” which she is happy to use at any stage of the day or night. I don’t know where she thinks she’s going at 3 in the morning, but I do love hearing her make her wishes known. It’s so lovely to have my two girls chatting away. As they grow, they will continue to learn from each other and the words will keep on flowing. It’s fab. Now to sort out that swear jar… image

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  1. I still love listening to my children have an actual conversation (as opposed to disagreeing at high volume or talking over each other). Congrats to Mini on becoming a Combiner! The world’s her oyster now.

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