Mini countings

This week’s “Small Steps-Amazing Achievements” event was really exciting in our house! If you haven’t been yet-you should check out Jane’s Wednesday link up over on Our Little Escapades-its choc full of inspiring tales that will put an instant smile oin your face and a spring in your step!

We have been drilling “1,2,3” into Mini for the past few weeks, counting out various objects and waiting for her to repeat the words back to us. It’s become a method of distraction -while she is getting her nappy changed-we count the 3 leaves from the wall collage that are closest to her face in an effort to get the task completed as soon as possible before she wriggles off the table.
We also use it as a language cue when we are playing catch-we alternate leading her in with a 1,2… or a ready, steady.. and wait for the “3” or the “go” to come from her, or more accurately the “teee” and “guhhh”.

We have also been using it at breakfast or snack time, counting the pieces of fruit or cereal out for her. On Sunday morning, I was in a bleary eyed state thanks to the crazy hormone infused pregnancy dreams rousing me continuously from my sleep the night before.I served Mini her breakfast-nearly spilling the box of Rice Krispies over her at one point, before sinking back down into my seat-head in hands. A gentle “one,tooo,teeee” quickly jolted me out of my stupor-Mini was counting out her Rice Krispies and pieces of fruit on her own!It was so incredible to hear-not just repetition, she seems to have grasped the concept of counting objects.

Now on to “4,5,6” and beyond!


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  1. This is amazing, and its always when your not expecting it. Brought a tear to my eye. Can't wait to see what 4, 5, 6 brings.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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