Mini Dreams in a maxi bed

So it turns out that Mini Mini hates the Moses basket. This has led to her sleeping in our bed after nighttime feeds.I know,I know, this is a terrible idea and that now that she’s in,we won’t be able to get her out until she’s at least 18 but at the moment it’s preferable to her screaming the place down in the darkest hours of the night.

She loves the cot though as we discovered when we went away for a few days and she slept happily in the travel cot,even during the day and she’s not a great daytime sleeper.And so the decision was made-Mini Mini is moving to the cot.Which means the eviction of her sister and the assembly of the big bed for Mini.
Once back from our trip away,the Frenchman set to work assembling Mini’s nighttime abode. We kept Mini downstairs while we dressed it in new Peppa Pig bed sheets and placed all her teddies at the top. First impressions were largely positive.Mini was all smiles when she saw her bed and eagerly hopped up on it.

Later on when it was bedtime,I placed her in her fabulous new bed,only for her to quickly scramble out and get into the cot where she stayed for the night.
Following some furniture rearranging in our bedroom this morning-thankfully the Frenchman is the king of Tetris,you should see how much stuff he can cram into a Renault Clio-we have successfully installed the cot next to my side of the bed and the Moses basket has once again been put away in the attic.
We’ll see how well Mini adapts to the new bed when she realises her cot is gone and this is her only choice of somewhere to slumber.I do not envisage this going well for some reason!
How did your little ones adjust when it was time for them to go to the “big bed”?

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  1. Laughing here reading this Aedín! Herself nearly lept out of the cradle one night when she was about 6 months so we'd no choice but to literally yank Himself (then about 26 months) out of his cot and into a toddler bed the very next morning. Forget transition- he literally had hours to get on with it – which in fairness he did!! Hope the ladies have an equally easy path x

  2. Awww what am awesome little bed. My little z is obsessed with anything Peppa pig and would dive staight into that. I remember being soooo tired one night because he just kept waking up. In the end I stuck him in our bed and it was pure bliss, everyone slept! 🙂

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