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This has been a tough week in our house. Back from holidays with a bang!Mini picked up a throat infection at the end of our séjour in France, resulting in her third bout of antibiotics. I’m not an antibiotics fan in the slightest. I recognise they’re a necessity but I worry about our continuing over reliance on them and fear this could turn into a disaster scenario where all bugs become immune to their effects and we’re left with the horrifying prospect of death from as innocuous an infliction as a sore throat.

Bottom line-our little angel was cranky as hell. Which is fair enough when you can’t eat, are in a good deal of pain and vomiting left, right and centre. It made for an interesting return leg of the ferry trip and by interesting I mean pure torture. Back in rainy Ireland, underneath the duvet in front of the fire (yup, looks like summer is well and truly over!) our little patient gradually got better until a return to creche allowed her to pick up another bug-same as the last time, except swap the inflamed throat for infected eyes. Still with a lot of vomiting and general refusal to eat food. Cue another visit to the doctor,-in English this time but over twice as expensive!-another round of antibiotics (argh!!!!!), lots of sleepless nights and one very thrown down little girl.

Every time Mini gets sick or is teething (which is a lot-at nearly 2 and a half, she only has 13 of her baby teeth) she falls back on the plain yellow/white diet of bread, yogurts, bananas and potato waffles. Actual dinners with meat and veg don’t get a look in.
One of the things that drives me bonkers as a parent is this refusal to eat healthy food. I know it’s a common complaint as regards the infuriating behaviour of small kids. I know that there’s not a whole lot you can do-just have patience of a saint and eventually they will come around to your way of thinking.

Mini is pretty much back to her old self and hopefully there will be a germ free period of decent length for her before the next illness strikes. Yesterday I was trying yet again to provide some home cooked food for the picky eater-spag bol on this occasion. She performed her usual routine of picking up the spoon, swirling the food around the bowl, lifting up the spoon, gingerly placing it in her mouth before pushing the bowl back and shaking her head. But this time she added the sign for ‘cold.’ She wasn’t just rejecting food for the millionth time due to taste or texture but because of the temperature and she was finally letting me know what exactly her grievances were!

I was so excited I grabbed the dish and flung it in the microwave. Except I may have been a bit too enthusiastic in my actions and overestimated the amount of time needed to reheat the dinner. No sooner had Mini taken one bite before her lower lip began to tremble, tears started to stream down her face and an angry fluttering of hands formed the sign for ‘hot’. So knowing my luck she’ll  be traumatised forever more by ‘real’ food and be back on the potato waffles tomorrow!But fingers crossed she’ll get over her grievances and be happy to carry on with her journey of food discovery.

This post links up with the fab Ethan’s Escapes Amazing Achievements Small Steps-a weekly linky celebrating small yet awesome steps our little ones with special needs take in their everyday lives. It’s a fantastic idea and one that I’m honoured to have been asked to contribute to.
You can read more amazing tales of first steps here-get ready to smile!

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  1. I'm so sorry she has been so poorly, it is always one thing after another isn't it. And then you have to send them back into the lions den of nursery.

    The dreaded food battle, our everyday life! It's so nice that she can show you she wanted it hotter. Perhaps not that hot lol. We also have the same kind of yellow diet ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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