Mini Free Spirit

Today I’m going to post one of my favourite videos of Mini.It’s short and simple and shows her bombing it down the big slide at the local indoor soft play centre.Its something she’s been able to do for a few months now.She’s quite the daredevil and I love to see her being so fearless and independent.It’s something to remind me of her zest for life and also something to help me embrace her free spirit and determination,especially when her wants seem to be in direct contradiction to my own.
Like when she won’t hold my hand when we’re out on walks,when she refuses to be strapped into the car seat,when she rejects any notion of getting dressed-even though we’re already running late,when she throws herself on the couch in protest at my request for her to turn off the TV,when she throws herself on the ground in protest at not being allowed to run away in the opposite direction to myself and the buggy on a busy street or when she refuses food that isn’t bread or potato based at dinner for the millionth time.

With all of these things I will endeavour to take a deep breath and ponder this video of my free spirited independent little lady in an effort to remind myself how lucky I am to have a daughter like her,even though I may not always think like that as a parent battling against the will of a determined toddler. And hey, there’ll come a day when she won’t automatically do the exact opposite of everything I ask right?Right??

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  1. Sounds like you are having the same amount of fun as us. At nearly four Ethan has decided we are now going through the terrible two stage. I think of it that they are working on their personalities! Love the video, it looks like a very big slide for someone so small.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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