Mini funds, major progress

Blinded by the sexy cycling shorts?We’ll come back to those later I promise. In the meantime, I have some important announcements to make regarding fund raising! Now I know it can be a bit hard to dig out the funds to help everyone but there are some really fun events coming up over the next few weeks where you can get involved in a number of creative ways and help raise money for Down Syndrome Ireland and the Down Syndrome Centre.
For those of you with a sweet tooth, you can raise funds by hosting an HB ice-cream Funday. You register your party on the Down Syndrome Ireland website, then invite as many people as you like.
Details are on the down syndrome Ireland web page.

For those who prefer style over sweetness, there is a terrific event going on called BuyMyDress. It’s a sale of over 1000 used dresses  happening in Galway, Dublin, Waterford, Cork,Kilkenny, Gorey and Castlebar on Saturday 26th May. You can either donate a dress or you can pop along on the day and see if you can bag yourself a bargain. Some of the dresses on offer have been donated by celebrities such as Amy Huberman, Saoirse Ronan, Sile Seoige, Imelda May and a whole host of others.

So what was the photo of those rather attractive luminous pink cycling shorts all about? These are special shorts given to us by the Early Intervention team in Galway, that help keep Mini’s knees together and promote perfect crawling as this video demonstrates. Before her knees were really going out to the sides but with the pants, they’re kept together, meaning her crawling gets stronger, which strengthens her core muscles,a great foundation from which to build those all important first steps. The pants cost a few euro but the effects are priceless. So please, support either of these great events in any way you can. As you can see,it makes all the difference.

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