Mini Happy Baby (& Mama!)

I try not to moan too much about being pregnant and the tough times we as mammies must endure in order to bring new life into this world. It is an amazing experience and one I’m blessed to have had twice now, especially when there are so many would be parents out there who long for a little miracle of their own but cannot conceive for whatever reason. As such I haven’t blogged a huge amount about this pregnancy until I felt a bit more comfortable in my skin (and mini Mini’s).

Well, that day has finally arrived. That point in my pregnancy when I’m -dare I say it-actually enjoying being pregnant. 31 weeks and 5 days into the journey. It’s taken me longer than last time I’ll admit and I didn’t think it would take me this long to get here. But yet again, I’m just not really loving the whole being pregnant experience-the tiredness, the backache, the round ligament pain, the crazy dreams, the itchy boobs, the heartburn, the constipation, the pain during and after sex, the mood swings, the dull hungover feeling that occurs without any alcohol having been imbibed, the lack of alcohol, but most of all that awful that weird body snatchers sensation that my body is no longer my own!
It all makes for a very uncomfortable experience and one that like last time, I have really struggled to “enjoy” as all the midwives, doctors and health care professionals tell me I should be doing.

Until now. Suddenly I’m not as tired. I have mastered getting off a soft surface without resembling a turtle who has had the misfortune of finding himself lying backwards on his shell and is unable to get up again. Sex is still not as pain free as I’d like but for some reason not as bad as before. People have started to mention “the glow” when commenting on my appearance. I think they’re just being kind but I’ll take any compliment I can get! Now I’m in no rush for pregnancy to end and mini Mini to come out-knowing she’s safe and snug on the inside kicking and wriggling about -although come back to me in about 8 weeks time and we’ll see if I’m still so content with this situation!

There are a few reasons for this I think-first of them being that I’ve finally started pregnancy yoga classes with the lovely Penny Jones. I did them when pregnant with Mini and they are a really fantastic way to relax, get more attuned to yourself and your baby and most importantly, grab a bit of “me” time-something that’s not so easy while living with a hyperactive toddler. The exercises and relaxation techniques have done wonders for my ligament pain and general malaise although my insomnia rages on with the crazy dreams-there seems to be no cure for them!

The only thing continuing to bother me is that Mademoiselle is still in the transverse position-meaning she’s lying across my tummy. It’s a position that’s rather uncomfortable for her mama-I seem to feel every single kick, punch, roll and tumble in a greatly amplified way and it’s also a position that’s incompatible with a vaginal birth. She has loads of time to turn, and I intend to use a lot of acupuncture to help her to do so. Looking back on Mini’s notes and she was in the cephalic position ( head down) from week 20. She was clearly plotting her escape from a very early age! It makes me wonder what mini Mini’s birth will be like and will it be completely different from her elder sister’s (4 days before her due date and only 4 and 1/2 hours of labour).

I also wonder if the kind of birth influences what kind of personality our babies have. Mini’s early planning of escape and her seeming impatience-she was in such a rush to get here that the umbilical cord became wrapped around her neck and she had to be delivered with the assistance of a Ventouse-are very evident now in her behaviour. She is always trying to escape from a room, the garden, her car seat and she has very little patience in anything she does! Does this mean that if mini Mini doesn’t turn she will be something of an awkward individual?

For my own birth, I was a frank breech-which means I was coming arse first. They turned me but I wasn’t having any of it and reinforced my intention that it should be my bum that would see the light of day first by turning back and had to be delivered by C-section. This revelation did not really come as a surprise to me and makes perfect sense when reviewing the kind of person I am-I tend to do a lot of things arseways-if there is an easy and straightforward way to do something, rest assured I’ll find a way to over complicate it!

Something else I learned this week from my acupuncturist, was the existence of a “happy baby point.” All acupuncture points are multi-functionary-it’s another reason I love acupuncture so!- and new actions are being discovered for them all the time. There is a point on the inside of the lower leg called Zhubin or in English, Kidney 9 and studies have shown it to have a positive effect on the well being of the foetus. So I’ve started massaging this point a few times a day.

It’s an easy enough point to find-in a seated position, take one leg and place it over the other one-so the ankle of the elevated leg is resting on the others knee. Place your index finger on the ankle and your thumb on the Achilles tendon of the elevated leg. The tendon will feel like a hardened, string like piece of your leg. Find a point midway between the ankle and tendon. This is Kidney 3, and will help you to locate Kidney 9.

Now divide the distance between your ankle and the middle of your knee cap(where the leg folds) into 3 equal parts.  Kidney 9 is located a third of the way up the inside of your leg, directly above Kidney 3.
Massage daily for a happy baby!

From A Manual of Acupuncture-Peter Deadman & Mazin Al-Khafaji with Kevin Baker

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  1. That first paragraph describes how I'm feeling to a tee haha! I enjoyed my first pregnancy because it really was a dodle. But these last two have been torture, really not enjoying being pregnant at all unfortunately.
    Very interesting about how you enter the world could have something to do with your personality. Looking at mine it makes sense, funny!

  2. That's really interesting. Monkey had his cord wrapped around his neck and it stopped him coming out. Forceps did it in the end, I was one final attempt away from a c-section. He's always the last to do everything, not adventurous at all – perhaps he'd have been happier been stuck in my tummy for longer!

  3. I remember my burst of energy during my pregnancy too! And like you I feel lucky to have had one but it is hard not to feel ruddy knackered!! I hope everything goes OK for you and I look forward to hearing how your pregnancy progresses. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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