Mini Healthy-ish Snack

Mini lurves ice-cream. I suspect she is absolutely no different from any other 3 year old in that respect. Ice-cream is loaded with sugar though .We are always so conscious of trying to get her to eat healthily ( with varying degrees of success!) due to the fact that because of their slow metabolism, people with Down syndrome are sometimes prone to weight gain easier than others. As such we are always looking for healthier alternatives to keep her happy food wise.

The Frenchman had the idea to make frozen yogurts. Yes they also contain sugar but not as much as ice-cream. We’ve had a plastic ice-cream mould for donkeys now, and it hasn’t yet been used-although frozen Vodka lollies have been threatened at various parties! The assembly couldn’t be simpler. You will need-

Plastic ice lolly moulds-we got ours at ikea.

Yogurt of choice-we use Mini’s beloved Petit Filous, cos she’s French, natch.

Optional berries or chopped up fruit-a sneaky way to get fruit into a fussy kiddy’s gob.


Simply mix together fruit and one standard sized pot of yogurt, scoop into the moulds and leave to set in the freezer (You may need to leave the mould thaw out for a minute or so in order to ensure you don’t burst a blood vessel removing the lolly from it’s sheath) et voila homemade frozen yogurt lolly!And the great thing is it takes substantially longer to eat than a yogurt meaning that little bit extra of peace and quiet to enjoy as your toddler enjoys her snack. Result all round!



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