Mini House Update-The Good,the Bad,the downright crazy?

We ‘ve been in our lovely new house now for two weeks. It was a stressful enough time getting here-for reasons that are as clear as mud to me,we decided that we would do the entire move and end of tenancy clean in the space of 72 hours. If we were married divorce papers would have been well and truly signed,let’s put it like that.

So far though,so groovy. Here are some of the many things I love about our new house-

The space.Tonnes and tonnes of it.Vast acres of air enclosed in delightfully well insolated concrete cavities. The Frenchman’s family are currently visiting and they are suitably impressed with the place-they call it le manoir or the manor. Yes it’s 25 kilometres outside of our beloved Galway City but that’s the trade off for all this glorious space.

The minis gleefully trotting around from one room to another. The fact that they still enter rooms with a “wow!”

The mind blowing fact that it’s ours.
No monthly rent to the landlord,now it’s monthly rent to the bank. But we can do whatever we want to the place,unlike the old place where we couldn’t even put up shelves.So far we ‘ve done nothing but there are plans afoot.It’s exciting.

A washing line.
I’ve been having little mammy nergasms over this. In our old place,like the shelves,we couldn’t put up a washing line. I love having one. I love watching the sheets and clothes flap in the wind.Yes,I am that sad.The glorious weather has brought the old Irish mammy in me to the forefront. “Great weather for drying!”

The peace and quiet.
Living in the country is lovely and the house has a really calming feel to it.My heart lifts once I come down the hill and our home comes into view. No more living on top of each other like in the city.No more neighbours from hell.Well for now!

The bad things-
The morning traffic.There’s no escaping it.Or rather I guess there would be if work/preschool didn’t start at 9.But it does.Not just for us but hundreds of other people too. So there’s that.

The smells.
Slurry.I’m not sure what it is exactly but I know it smells vile.The first ten days the farmers were up and down spreading the stuff everywhere. It smells like 3 day old mini nappies.And God bless my kids but their shit stinks. I’m nearly afraid to ask how often farmers do this in the year?I guess it’s something I’ll learn to partially block out like the aforementioned nappies but man,it ain’t easy!

Then there’s the not so little matter of Mini Mini being less than impressed with the move.In fact she freaked out when she saw her cot going into the removal van. We explained to her that we were all going to live in a lovely house in a lovely part of Galway but she wasn’t convinced and while she loves the new house by day,she’s still not sure of it by night. Which means even less sleep than the measly few hours she was granting us before.

I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have the two minis in the same room.That way the littlest mini would be reassured by the presence of another. I’ve been resisting this,however, for fear that she would wake her sister with her nightly howling. Mini is a fantastic sleeper and always has been. We were those annoying first time parents who began to clock 12 hours of uninterrupted golden sleep a night a mere six weeks after her birth. Her sister knocked the smugness right out of us though and after 16 months of crappy,scrappy sleep,I’m clutching at straws trying to reclaim the night.

One of the possible solutions comes in the form of co sleeping. Now here’s a little confession so by the book parents look away now!I love co sleeping.Before I procreated I was full of disdain for what I perceived as post partum hormone fuelled lunacy.For me the bedroom was a sancutary for the peace and quiet and the occasional sexy times to be enjoyed,all of which I’m sad to say have diminished with the arrival of each new sprog.

But once the breastfeeding took off for Mini Mini,it was the easiest thing in the world to have her lying beside me, offer her the boob and fall back asleep soundly. I had worried before about rolling over and squashing her but there was never a chance of that happening. Your mind and body become attuned to your new bed guest and work out the physics accordingly.

It was win win for everyone.

You want me to sleep where?

So I’m thinking would it be the craziest thing to bring her back into the snuggly ,safe,warm ,loving environment that is co sleeping.At 16.5 months,yeah probably but let’s look at the facts.

She spent half of last night rooting around in our bed anyway(and the night before that,and the night before that).I don’t know what aversion babies have to sleeping in a vertical position but it’s horizontal all the way for our sleep avoiding cherub.That or the starfish. I’m getting more than a little frustrated with a karate chop to the juggular being my new alarm clock.Yeah,that I definitely could do without.

Having her in the same room would hopefully put an end to the nightly wakings and would in turn mean better sleep for the whole family.

But co sleepers aint cheap. Helen from may have the answer. She used an old Ikea cot,took down one side and fastened it to her bed. A cheap and cheerful alternative to forking out a few hundred Euro for a co sleeper. Mini Mini is actually in an Ikea cot at the moment so it would still be her bed,thus minimising any potential fall out. She would still have loads of space for her to get that perfect 10.0 in her nocturnal gymnastic routine. It would mean space too for us. To breathe,perchance to dream? Less sexy time in the bedroom for sure but more sexy time outside its confines?Like it used to be,BC,before children,we could rediscover all our old favourite make out spots-couch, floor,ooh, the washing machine!

Of course the optimum environment for maxiumum sleep attainment would be to install a tiny fridge and a small microwave above the co sleeper so we wouldn’t have to get out of bed at all to administer the crucial night feed(s). Now that really would be crazy,right?

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  1. My solution for co-sleeping (because I wanted to keep the big bed for the grownups, for reasons I’m not even sure of any more) was a mattress on the floor. When #2 outgrew her mini co-sleeper, which was really only bassinet sized, I put a futon mattress down on the floor beside my bed. When she woke, I’d slither out of our bed and down to the floor with her, and then (ideally) reclaim my place once’d she’d drifted off to sleep. Or just stay there.

    When we moved house and she got her own room, I put the mattress on the floor there instead, until she was big enough that I was no longer worried about her rolling off a bed. I have spent a lot of nights in her bed over the years, but at least I’ve never tried to fit both of us into a teeny toddler bed as a result. And everyone gets some sleep.

    I hope you find a solution that helps everyone, whatever you do. Sleep is good.

    1. Thanks.The solution for the moment is one parent, one baby per bed and the other parent in the guest room on a rotational basis.It’s working so far

  2. Congrats on the new house, sounds really wonderful! The slurry takes getting used to, but, all the other positives hopefully will balance it out!! We’ve co-slept with all of ours, often with a couple of spare bodies in the bed. We just pushed another single bed against ours to make it super sized and that worked great. Anything for some sleep!

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