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Alert!We’ve got a hugger in the house!Sounds wonderful and I have to admit it is-all this receiving of impromptu hugs from a little person night, noon and morning. There’s nothing to brighten up the most miserable of days like a full on Mini hug. The problem is outside the house. We were at an art gallery yesterday morning and in between flitting merrily around the big open space counting the paintings on the wall, Mini would pause to dispense hugs to complete randomers. I say hugs, really they were more of a swoop, grab stranger’s legs, squeeze and disappear into the shadows of the gallery kind of action, sort of like a cuddly ninja.




People were for the most part receptive to this mini ambush below the knees, offering sheepish grins as I muttered a “sorry” and continued on my way around the gallery trying to intercept the ball of energy that is my elder daughter. I love how friendly she is but this hugging has me worried. Sure it’s cute now coming from a 3 year old but will it still be cute coming from an older child? A teenager? Methinks not.
Plus there’s the whole personal space issue. Some people are just not receptive to physical contact no matter how adorable the giver is, which is totally understandable. Add to that the danger factor. I don’t know the people she’s hugging,much less their intentions.

So what to do?Sit her down and explain that some people do not like to be hugged and that she should reserve her cuddles for family and friends?It seems a bit early to be trying to curb what comes naturally to her as a child. Am I overreacting and over thinking it?Are hugs ok?There was a whole campaign centered on giving out free ones not so long ago. What do you think?



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  1. It’s a tough one alright : ( it’s such a shame too, could you imagine how happy everyone would be if were all being hugged all the time! The world would be such a nicer place : ) rian has a huge problem too he’d go off with anyone, he runs up to everyone he sees with a big hi an asks where there going then does a little dance for them. Today he saw an old topless man sitting in a garage and ran right in cute as a button I lost sight of him he ran so far back, but it’s hard to explain to kids this age that it’s wrong without making them afraid of people. The last time I explained that it was dangerous to talk to strangers without holding my hand thinking he’ll still say hi and what not, then we were out and a woman said hi to him he ran a mile thinking she was going to get him, the poor woman felt awful. If you figure it out send some tips my way : )

  2. My eldest (now ten) is a hugger and always was. When she was little she was charming and would go chat to strangers and would happily go off home with them if she could. I just tried to row with it, always keeping her within view and it seems to have worked. She automatically grew into reserving her hugs for friends and family (or at least not complete strangers) and she probably brightened many peoples days when she was younger and giving hugs out for free to all. I am sure everyone in the art gallery was delighted with their lovely mini-hug 😉

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