Mini Magical Outing

This weekend we took full advantage of the late Indian summer by taking a trip out to Brigid’s Gardens. I’ve been meaning to go for quite some time now-it is only a few miles out the road from us in Galway City.  The Gardens contain a number of elements there are the Celtic Gardens which are modelled on the old Celtic calendar  celebrating the different Celtic seasons- Imbolc,Bealtaine, Lúnasa, Samhain-roughly corresponding to Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. There are also roundhouses, nature trails, fountains and sun features to enjoy.
Gorgeous Celtic inspired architecture including crannogs, sundials and thrones abound amidst an abundance of lush plants and flowers.

Brigid holds a special place in Irish society as the name of both a pre Christian goddess and St.Brigid, our female patron saint.

The gardens are a truly magical spot and there are lovely walks throughout the site and through the woods-great spots to engage in some fairy hunting!

Check out the website here-the gardens are open daily between 10-5:30. There is a lovely cafe and gift shop on site and loads of events are held throughout the year. Upcoming events include a storytelling workshop and a bonfire, fancy dress and spooky tales night on Hallowe’en. It’s a great place for little ones and who knows, they may even catch a glimpse of some fairies!

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