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This week I’m linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements and Magic Moments.
I’ve been putting off writing about this particular milestone for some time. It happens occasionally that Mini will master a new skill-be it physical or speech related-she will do it once or twice, and then it will seem to disappear from her skill set, to reappear at a much later date. I seem to remember from the pages and pages of info I gleaned from scouring the web after her diagnosis, that this is a trait that sometimes occurs amongst kids with Down syndrome-particularly with words-words are learned but not retained in the way they normally are amongst kids with a higher IQ.

I have been waiting and waiting for this particular word to tumble forth from Mini’s lips practically since the day she was born. She has already mastered “dada” and even “papa” although she chooses to use each sparingly. Near the start of our holidays, a month ago, she was protesting the ignominy of   having to eat a different breakfast cereal(we had forgotten to pack her favourite, which of course is not available in France) and refusing to accept what Papa was offering her, when she turned to face me with an imploring “Mamaaaaa!”

It was pure magic. I could actually feel my heart swell with the mention of those two little syllables. Since then, like with her use of “dada”, the use of “mama” is rare indeed but it is something that is happening more frequently and crucially it hasn’t disappeared from her small but burgeoning lexicon. It is not always a definite “mama” but I take anything I can get!

Now I can say that upon leaving the house to complete my daily tasks of putting the rubbish out or hanging out the washing, I am pursued by an excitable Mini and a chorus of “Mamamamamama” and on occasion she will even come to me with arms outstretched, and instead of the command “uppa” or up, it will be “mamama”. It is the sweetest sound and one I am never going to get tired of hearing!!

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  1. What a great milestone! I think dada is much easier for babies to pronounce and mum/mommy etc is quite hard…but sounds like Mini is really enjoying using it. For some reason with J, mum was really late coming…he had a word “bebe” which he used and which we never worked out what it meant!

  2. This just made me cry! I think mostly because it's the one that I'm waiting for, although I have had a mum noise but never directed at me. This really is fantastic and I'm glad she is using it more and more. We also lose skills, always after I have blogged about them lol.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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