Mini Melodies

A musical entry this week for Small Steps Amazing Achievements hosted by the fabulous Ethan’s Escapades. And as with so much of Mini’s developmental milestones, this one centres around her love for a little piggy by the name of Peppa. “Peh-paaa” was one of her first words and ‘oink’ was the first animal noise that Mini learned to replicate thanks to the oinking of Peppa and her family and it’s still her favourite by far, although “mooo” has really been gaining ground in the popularity stakes lately!

This week she’s added a new layer to the oinking and will now sing along to the theme tune. She is still only saying “Peppa” in relation to the cartoon, no sign of the word “pig” yet but she seems to have quite the melodious aspect to her singing voice-or maybe that’s just mammy blinkers!

I managed to briefly capture a little of her tune this morning with her favourite piggy. Note-you may have to turn the volume up to hear her!

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  1. Lovely. We love Peppa Pig – as each of my children has outgrown her, the next one is ready to fanatically watch… My two year old is currently obsessed, and enjoys explaining the world to me in PP terms. In fact, it's on right now.

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