Mini Mini Mini?

Looking at my two amazing kids, the thought occurs to me-I would love to meet more!It’s such an exciting thought-what would they look like?Would we finally make a baby who shares our eye colour? (Green-hazel.) What would that little one be like? I’ll never forget the first time I met both of my girls. The difference in them was apparent and immense from just a few seconds old. Mini arrived into this world with a look of serenity and calm curiousity on her elfin features. It was like

Life on the outside?Meh!

“Here I am, pleased to meet you, now what more is there to be seen?”

Mini Mini was less impressed with the whole birth show. She came out looking mad as hell, with her it was more like-

“What the fuck just happened?”

“Who the fuck are all you people?”


“What the fuck am I doing here?”



Those personalities are now being well cemented-Mini is a happy, curiosity box. Mini Mini is a diva! I often wonder what no 3 would be like but then a whole host of reasons not to go again pop into my mind, giving me a moment’s pause. Labour isn’t amongst those reasons. Yes it hurt like hell but the pain was (mercifully!) brief and the reward more than made up for it. No, it’s more the following reasons that have been playing on my mind, making me believe it may be time to retire the uterus for good.

1. The Numbers Game

I like the balance of two kids and two adults. The Frenchman works most evenings and I’m already outnumbered two to one, no need to make it three to one! Plus there’s something I really like about the phrase “family of four”.


2. “That’s not my name”

I get the Minis’ names mixed up all the time. And these are two names which are nothing alike!One has two syllables, the other three. One is French, the other Irish. One starts with a vowel, the other with a consonent. And still I mix them up on a near daily basis!This does not bode well for any future sprogs.

What’d you call me Mum?

3. The XX Factor

I personally wouldn’t mind whether or not a little blue entered our lives as long as baba is healthy, that’s the important thing. Those first few days of Mini’s life before her wee heart got the all clear were terrifying. So I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind having a boy or another girl and I know deep down the Frenchman feels the same. He comes from a family that has an abundance of females, however, and sometimes during family visits, I can see his eyes glaze over and wishfully glance at the garden shed where he has all sorts of glorious escape plans for. I tell him it is his destiny to be surrounded by fabulous women but secretly I fear that having three daughters may just strip him of his last remaining ounce of sanity. Two words-synchronised periods.

More pink Papa?
More pink Papa?


4. The Transport Conundrum

We upgraded our reliable but tiny Renault Clio to a family friendly Ford Focus, which I love just as much as our old “Ruby”. The Focus allows us to fit two baby seats into the back without having our knees pressed up against our ears while driving but there definitely would not be room for a third infant or toddler seat!


5. That Former Life

There’s something calming in the thought that my childbearing days are behind me I was an emotional wreck during both of my pregnancies, constantly fearing the worst and was more anxious than at any other time of my life. And then, once they’re born, there’s this overwhelming rush of love that’s tinged with fear. What if something happens them?How would I cope?I read a beautiful saying somewhere recently-once you become a parent you have to take extra care of your heart because from now on it resides outside of you. Too right it does!I’m a nervous wreck some days. The day Mini went tumbling down the stairs, the day Mini-Mini nearly choked on a piece of rusk. Add another child to the mix and I may just be too consumed with anxiety to even get up in the mornings!

6. Where’s my beauty sleep?

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block to pregnancy no 3 is the lack of sleep. I have decided that I can live with many things including spinal shits, 3 am projectile vomits, crappy jobs that must be held onto in order to put food on the table but the one thing I cannot seem to get to grips with is the lack of sleep. I can see now how sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture in some parts of the world. There are days when I feel like I’m losing my mind!Mini-Mini continues to lead us on a not so merry nocturnal dance that sees us grabbing a few hours kip here and there but it’s just not enough. Having to go through all this again strikes fear into my heart!

But then I look at these little faces and all reasoning and logic goes out the window!Cute babies-keeping the human race going since the dawn of time!







20 thoughts on “Mini Mini Mini?

  1. You’re so right “Cute babies-keeping the human race going since the dawn of time!” Actually you’re so right on all the points above. Im sure there are so many people who will identify with all of them. I did have a little chuckle at your family car. You would be HORRIFIED by mine 🙂

  2. I totally understand this post. For myself I just had to give in to wanting to see what another would look like and loving life so much I wanted to give that opportunity once more. On the fourth I knew it was enough, but even now four is difficult.
    College, holidays, cars, bedrooms, make up, showers, teenage angst and next year when I finish with national school I will have twenty years of it behind me!!
    So in many ways I totally understand two. And two beauties you got!

    1. It’s when I see someone like yourself Tric who’s come out the other side and now has four wonderful near adult children that I think it’d all be worth it!I see it with the Frenchman’s family-he’s the eldest of 5, the youngest is 14. I’ve watched them all grow into young adults and now it’s so much fun at family reunions. Big families are awesome!

  3. When you just have one, it seems like that is the only possibly outcome of your two sets of genes. But then, after the second, when you see that the same two people made a totally different child, you start wondering how many different combinations and permutations you could come up with. (But hey, mini-mini’s eye colour could still change.) It’s a bit addictive, the making babies lark.

  4. It’s the sleep-deprivation that terrifies me more than another pregnancy and labour. I miss sleep so much. I’m not sure if I could even function badly with *two* non-sleeping children at the same time!

    1. We were spoiled with Mini-she slept through the night from 7-7 from the age of 6 weeks. These days it’s a struggle to get her to bed before 9pm as she’s just mad to keep going and get as much craic out of the day as possible. Two non sleeping children terrifies me too!

  5. I’ve been battling with this decision for a while now and I think I’m settled on two too! Husband wants another, but I worry how I would cope if I had another set of twins. I feel so blessed to have two gorgeous kids, that I thought we’d never have. I feel like wanted more is being greedy in some strange way which sounds really bonkers! 🙂

    1. It is a bit bonkers Olivia, but I know what you mean.Sometimes we consider ourselves to be so lucky in comparison to others that we don’t think we have the right to further happiness!Although I cannot imagine coping with two sets of twins!!Are they very common in your family?

      1. Ha! I knew I was bonkers! 🙂 Not common in my family, but as you get older you’re more likely to have twins and because I’ve already had a set, my chances increase again.. I really don’t think I could cope as we’ve no family living near us etc.. I’m definitely done, unless I win the lotto! 🙂

  6. Wait til you are less sleep deprived and things have settled… Then have another 🙂 third babies tend to be so chilled, and you are too. And once you have made it to three, ah sure, it’s a small step to seven ((joke!!!!))

  7. Well, I think considering just how cute the Minis came out you are doing the world a disfavour by not having a third. But that is just me and I am baby crazy!!!

  8. I can identify with all these reasons too, and I am also very content with the roundedness of ‘family of four’ 🙂 But yes cute kids, and if you know you’re not going to have them at baby stage again.. it can sway you. Good luck with your decision! I read somewhere that two daughters is the ideal family situation for a peaceful household…

  9. I’m also a mother to two girls. I do occasionally wonder about a 3rd but like you worry about the family dynamics and how as much as I love my little girls I don’t want to feel like l am in the sleepless nights and nappy phase forever. Hubby does not want a “people carrier” type car!

  10. Ah, well, I have the three… There are three years between each which made it easier in some ways although now I am more than looking forward to having the toddler years behind me! We always wanted three, and I briefly considered four, but I’m quite happy to stop now 😉 Your point about being outnumbered is very, very true…!

  11. I think with six I’ve got plenty of variation, it’s amazing seeing the different personalities and mixtures of us in each of them. dropping by from Magic Moments

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