Mini misplaced grumblings

Today is week 39+5. I am now more pregnant than I have ever been before.It’s not something that’s wholly agreeing with me if I’m being brutally honest. As you may know if you read the blog regularly, I’m not so much a fan of being pregnant and this massive false alarm a week ago had me mentally prepared for all systems go.

Since then there have been lots more false alarms,none as potent as that first one,but all carrying a lot of pain with them so much so that when the real thing does finally happen,I have no doubt I’ll be marching through the hospital doors,straight up to the nearest midwife and demanding the drugs straight away!

Along with the continued insomnia,my SPD has resurfaced,more angry than ever and yesterday an excruciating pain of the sciatic kind appeared to torture my right leg.
Last Thursday was particularly difficult as at my 39 week appointment,I discovered that la mademoiselle is no longer 3/5 engaged and is now lying higher than she was at 35 weeks!I partly guessed this was the case as that morning my heartburn had returned with a vengeance. Since that disheartening news,I have tried everything to get her back on track-acupuncture,climbing up stairs on my hands and knees,spicy food,bouncing like a lunatic on my gym ball(much to the amusement of Mini),pregnancy yoga, raspberry leaf tea. The one thing I hadn’t tried to get things moving was a good old fashioned shag,which was attempted this morning and was the most uncomfortable and unsexy sex I think I’ve experienced since I was a teenager.
Still no Mini Mini. Just a bloated,sleep deprived,emotional Mama bear waiting impatiently to meet her cub. It was all so much easier with her sister-a bloody show at 4am with regular contractions-a trip to the hospital where they examined me and said that although I wasn’t in labour yet, it wouldn’t be long, contractions which disappeared and so back home, then a trip to the beauticians for a pedicure (it was somehow important I had immaculate toes during the delivery-priorities of a first time mum, eh?), the start up of the contractions again, a hot bath, waters broken, off again to the hospital, 4 hours later Mini was in my arms. From bloody show to baby in less than 24 hours and 4 days before her due date.

Perhaps because it was my first baby I just accepted that fact that I’d go over my due date. Everyone said I’d go over. Just like this time everyone said I’d go early. Well I now have less than 48 hours to prove “everyone” right. I’m anxious about the birth after what happened the last time and now slightly regretting my decision not to have an amnio to rule out any other surprises. It’s hard as well as Papa has been on holidays for a week now, asking near continuous questions as to whether the contractions have come back. And his mum has been here since Friday. I definitely have that watched kettle feeling, and as is the way with watched kettles, they inevitably let off some steam before the actual boil occurs.

I was reminded yesterday on World Prematurity Day to hold that steam in, however, through the tweets of some incredibly strong and courageous women like @premmeditations and @Edspire.

Waiting impatiently for another one like this.

All through the day, my Twitter feed was a buzz with tales of babies who had entered this world far too early.Some stories had happy endings but a lot portrayed the ongoing struggles these preemies face everyday just because they didn’t stay long enough in mummy’s tummy.

And here I am giving out because I’m still pregnant. I’m lucky to have carried my little bundle to term and fingers crossed,when she does decide to enter the world  everything will go well.At the very least I’ll know she will have been given every opportunity to thrive outside the womb. So really what’s an extra week or two of pain and impatience in exchange for a healthy baby? Absolutely nothing, but please excuse me as I reach for my umpteenth cup of raspberry leaf tea today.

I’m linking this post up to this week’s #PoCoLo from Verily, Victoria Vocalises. If you get a chance, go check out the other lovely entries!

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  1. It's so hard waiting! I was early too and very impatient waiting for subsequent babies. You are nearly there xxx (the last thing you tried can definitely work ahem, try again)

  2. Every finger and toe crossed for you that everything goes well in every way — I can't imagine what it must be like to be at your stage, as I never got beyond 38 weeks, but I'm very impatient, so I think I would not have liked it at all! xx

  3. Thanks-I just (wrongly) assumed that because I only got to 39 weeks with Mini and that this was my 2nd baby that I would go early. Everyone thought the same!Ah well, just as long as she gets here and she's healthy!

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