Mini Montage

Sometimes I don’t blog for ages. Sometimes I can’t keep up with all the bloggy good ideas I have coming out my ears. And sometimes I get lazy and go for a montage of events in the last few weeks. This is one of those times.

Pox Update:

After 5 weeks, we are nearing the end of the poxing time. Poor Mini had awful dose-vomiting, high fevers, and the bloody spots got infected so she was in the wars, poor petal. We’re hoping that we’re done with chicken pox as a family. Mini Mini did get a very mild dose and there is the chance she could get again due to such a mild occurrence but fingers crossed we’ve seen the last of it.

NY’S Resolutions Update:

Most have predictably fallen by the wayside. Dry January never really got a look in. Think I lasted 48 hours without an alcoholic beverage which may suggest to some people that I have a bit of a problem. My mother says otherwise, however, and she’s a wise woman so I’ll take it from her that I’m fine.

Got a burst of energy as regards cooking, but then predictably, sleepless nights, ear infections, and chicken pox put an end to my creativity in the kitchen (disclaimer it wasn’t that amazing, although I’ve got a succulent lemon roast chicken recipe down!)

The only one that’s still on track is aptly enough the running!I have a half marathon to complete in September. I say complete, what I really mean is stumble across the finish line without threat of cardiac arrest or loss of toenails. I downloaded the Couch to 5k app, which gets you running 5k in 9 weeks. I also joined a running club at work (safety in numbers and all that!)

The first two weeks were a doddle-walk, jog, walk, jog for three sessions a week and I was full of smugness-this running lark was easy peasy!Then the jogging intervals increased and the walking ones decreased and it’s getting tough now I’m into Week 5. The end of week 6 is looming and by then I should be able to jog for 20 minutes non-stop. Eek!!

Writing Update:

So I have finally started the novel. It is no longer just a collection of interesting characters and plotlines circling my brain. Words have been committed to paper, or rather a word doc. I’m up to 3000 words. It’s not much but it’s a start. This is huge for me as I have been worrying so much about whether the story will be any good, that I’ve been talking myself out of actually sitting down and doing it. So I parked myself down and started writing. I’m going to take a leaf out of the Roddy Doyle school of story crafting-write, write and write some more, then when you get to about page 50, worry about quality.

House Update:

The news is there is no fecking news. We were assured nearly two weeks ago, that the contracts would be at our solicitors in two weeks’ time. We’re waiting until the clock runs out on this particular timeframe before we go a calling again. Sunday was a lovely sunny day and my mum was up so we drove out to show her the house. I felt a bit uneasy opening the gate to have a look around. I mean technically we don’t own the place yet, but am hoping that little determined action will serve as a knock on the door for the universe to bring our house home to us!

The house itself looks great and I am 100% convinced that it’s the right place for us as a young family. I’ll be sad to leave party HQ, Galway City behind but the reality is I hung up my party stilettos years ago and swapped them for dull but comfortable knock off Mammy Uggs!

Sleep Update:

Finally a blog post wouldn’t be complete these days without an update on the sleeping situation at ours or Musical Beds R Us as I’ve come to calling the house. Mini who was always such a stellar sleeper, sought a lot of extra comforts during her illness. There was a period when she insisted on sleeping in our bed, with me and would only drop off after we had exchanged the requisite amount of hugs and kisses, which was fantastically sweet. It meant I was in bed by 9:30 every evening, which wasn’t the worst idea in the world as I wasn’t staying up late watching all manner of crap on the telly. She has now decided that her own single bed isn’t big enough for her and has taken to sleeping in the guest bedroom. She is delighted with herself in the big bed and I have to laugh at the little things that give kids such enormous pleasure.

Mini Mini actually graced us with the presence of two full night’s sleeps recently but more teeth means that normal service has resumed with the night time wakings and feedings. I’d love to cut the nocturnal bottles out altogether but they’re the only thing that gets her back to sleep. So the beat goes on. Only another few years of broken sleep and bone crushing tiredness to go!Bring it!!

House uncertainty, sleepless nights and illnesses aside, it’s been a great few weeks. We had a lovely weekend taking in a show for all the family, the gorgeous Fairy Fixers, followed by coffee and cakes at our favourite cafe, Le Petit Delice. As my mum was up, myself and the Frenchman got a rare Saturday night out on the town so it was off to yummy bar/restaurant The Buddha Bar for Asian tapas, then a few of our favourite Galway drinking establishments-Neachtains and the Salthouse. Sunday was beautiful and brought trips to the beach and our (fingers crossed) soon to be new house. Monday, we were hanging out with friends, having a laugh watching the Super Bowl. Life is good right now for our little family surrounded by those we love and in a place we love. Happy days.

Sunday funday
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