Mini Morning Cuddles

The sun has not quite risen yet.It is still dark in our house but things are starting to stir and small sounds can be heard.A tiny yawn,a rustling of bed covers,then a soft this followed by a gentle stomp,stomp,stomp.Mini is on the move.

This is how our mornings go now,since we took down one side of Mini’s cot.She still moves around a lot at night and has lots of space in which to do so and so we are reluctant to move her to a big girl bed.
Placing her over the side of the cot has become increasingly difficult for me as I get more pregnant and my lower back begins to buckle under the additional pressure.So we took the decision-to take one side of the cot down an replace it with a much lower side bar,just to ensure she will still stay in the cot no matter how active her nocturnal gymnastics are!
Mini was unsure at first.She is well able to climb over the side bar yet she seemed reluctant to do so.A few days later and she is loving the increased independence.She will hop into her bed at night,rearrange her teddies,hop back out,back in,rearrange some more,all with a satisfied smirk on her face.
But the best is when she comes to see us first thing in the day.I absolutely love these early morning visits.It is truly magical hearing those pre dawn sounds and then seeing a little shadow in our bedroom doorway who greets us with a cheery ‘hiya’ before rushing with abandoned glee to the side of our bed for morning cuddles. It’s one of my favourite parenting moments so far.

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  1. My 2 tear old is still in his cot, must see can the side go down coz I know what you mean about the struggle getting them in and out….even for kisses goodnight and cheek poking their pudgy cheeks while they sleep is hard with bump in the way and back pain! I love the morning snuggles too xx

  2. Morning mummy cuddles were always my favourite too. The way they snuggle into you is awesome. Unfortunately, I now get wrestled but look back on the cuddle mornings with fondness. Lovely post #magicmoments

  3. I did that with both my boys, and it worked really well. They move around so much during the night we were (still are) afraid they will fall. And the low rail works great against that, while being so much more comfortable to handle. My eldest slept like this until he was about three, and my youngest, at 4, still does (it was an especially cot designed for that).

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