Mini bit mortified

blog_buttons_NOMINATEDThis week saw the release of the long awaited nominations for the Blog Awards Ireland. I was delighted to see Minis and Mum amongst a plethora of fantastic Irish blogs. Delighted but not surprised, as I had given careful instructions to the Frenchman as to which categories he should nominate me in, because you know, his love for me knows no bounds, so my request for him to sit down and fill out an online nominations list after a 14 hour shift on little sleep was perfectly acceptable.

So he duly complied and nominated me in the “Personal” and “Parenting” categories. The lists came out and I excitedly scanned the website for the name of the blog and felt chuffed but also a wee bit deflated as Minis and Mum was only nominated in the “Parenting” category.

See I had received some lovely emails from people who (shock horror!!) are neither known personally to me nor share my bed stating that they had nominated me in the Personal section. Back in 2012, this blog made it all the way to the Final List of the Blog Awards. Myself and a good friend attended the awards ceremony and even though I didn’t win, I had so much fun that night and all I have thought about since was becoming a finalist again. Last year I was pregnant and cranky and didn’t make too much of an effort blogwise so I didn’t even make the short list but this year I’ve been putting more of an effort into the blog, including a semi successful transfer from blogger to wordpress.

So I thought about this. And thought some more. And finally decided that the doubling of the super slim chance of me getting to the final list by being nominated in two categories instead of one was enough to outweigh any potential embarrassment.

So I carefully composed my email to the incredibly hard working organisers of the Awards-who must have been just thrilled to see my request landing in their inbox on a Monday evening- trying my hardest not to sound like an ungrateful little shite. And God bless them, they’ve added me into the Personal category. You can tell I’ve been added later to the list by spotting where the blog falls-tacked on at the bottom instead of being in alphabetical order. If I were a Dub, I’d be bleedin’ morto or scarleh! But I’m from Limerick with a dash of Cork and Kerry added to the mix, so I am merely an embarrassed feck.

The point of all this though is that it’s still a source of wonder to me that people take the time from their busy lives to read about what I have to say. I started this blog as a way of while celebrating Mini. It was my chance to show the world that Down syndrome is ok! Sometimes I lose sight of that goal and get bogged down in monthly views and awards but the nominations do remind me that people are out there reading. And if they’re reading, then I’m raising awareness and that can’t be a bad thing.

So let me take this opportunity to say thank you, merci, danke, go raibh maith agat and gracias to all you wonderful people who stop by our little corner of d’interweb and take the time to read, comment, like and share our stories. It means the world to me and I think as the minis get older, it’ll come to mean just as much to them. And fingers crossed, we make it to the final list this year!

7 thoughts on “Mini bit mortified

  1. I love reading your blog as it always feel very real. You don’t over share but I feel great honesty in your posts and that draws me in and keeps me glued.
    The cute photos of your little ones are lovely too.
    Well done and fair play to you for querying it. I do think your blog perfectly fits both categories. Best of luck.

  2. I’ve been reading lots of stuff about people getting left out of categories. One girl questioned why her weight loss blog wasn’t allowed in the Health and well being category yet was in the humour? Funny things going on altogether! But congratulations, you deserve it 😀 x

  3. I am lucky enough to be judging this catagory this year. So good luck to you and all the other blogs who were nominate xx

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