Mini no mates

Mini was invited to a birthday party at the weekend. It was a joyous event with many little kids running all over the place, there to celebrate the 2nd birthday of a beaming little girl. It’s not something that Mini gets to experience on a regular basis. Not many of my friends have children and she is the first grandchild on both sides. Add to that, half of her family live thousands of miles away in France and her interaction with other kids her age is few and far between. It’s something I’m starting to feel a little guilty about.

Shortly after Mini was born, we were both invited to the “March Mums Club”, basically a community led meet up of mums and babies who had been born in our local hospital in March 2011. It would have been a great opportunity to meet other mums, form a support group and forge friendships between adults and little ones alike. Back then, I couldn’t face going to this group as to see all those perfectly healthy babies who had been denied to our family would have been a step too far in dealing with Mini’s diagnosis. Now of course, I realise that Down syndrome isn’t the worst thing in the world, far from it, but that chance for Mini to make friends in this way has long since passed.

One of my most deep rooted fears for Mini is children will reject her due to her differences and she won’t make any friends. It’s my pessimistic nature creating a worse case scenario but I worry all the same. She seems to be popular enough at her creche, which soothes my nerves and gives me hope. Mini celebrates her own birthday in a few weeks time and I would love to see it overrun with little kids all there to enjoy the day with her.

So how to solve the equation? Start getting my friends who are coupled up to get procreating? I can’t see that being too much of a runner to be honest. I’ve been looking in local shops and libraries on notice boards for playgroups but can’t seem to find any so I’m turning to you, dear reader. Any suggestions?

Wanna play with me?

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