Mini obstacle course no more

A really small step in the grand scheme of things but once again an amazing achievement for Mini.We have a local indoor soft play centre that we frequent often-usually in the mornings when it is something akin to calm and not completely overrun by hyperactive,screaming kiddies.

There is a small area for the littlest ones and Mini has been enjoying this for nearly two years now.It includes a tiny obstacle course and slide. She absolutely loves slides,like most toddlers I imagine and has no fear of them. There has been a literal bump in the road of her getting to her prized destination,however, in the form of a big yellow “speed bump” that has been preventing her from gaining access to the slide by herself. In fairness I her,it’s nearly as tall as her and about for times as wide but yesterday at a little friends 1st birthday party,Mini overcame her speed bump with her trademark determined gusto.
I was cheering her in like a bit of a lunatic as I know she’s been working so hard to get this right herself and afterwards she was suitably delighted with herself. She loves to be as independent as possible and this will have done her confidence a world of good and now she’s off to conquer the “big kids” area!

This week I’m linking up with Magic Moments hosted by the lovely @oliversmadhouse and Small Steps Amazing Achievements hosted by the equally lovely @ethansescapades to celebrate this magic achievement by Mini.

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  1. That's fantastic, soft plays can be so much fun but at the same time I think they can be a testing place for children. Well done Mini!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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