Mini Rage

I am angry. I could blame it on the usual female hormones, but those guys get such a bad rap, and you know what, my rage is entirely unrelated to the physiological changes occurring in my body(on this occasion at least!)
No my rage springs from the amount of people in this world whose opinions are, how can I put this?JUST PLAIN WRONG!!!*
*Parental Guidance- this post contains explicit language.
1. People who believe that gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed because
a) It will somehow cheapen the notion of the sanctity of marriage-sorry everyone but heterosexual celebrities, serial killer couples and general nutjobs got there waaaay before the gays.
b) Gay people can’t have kids naturally and thus bear no entitlement to tie the knot. Well I know a lot of married couples who have no intention of ever having children-should their union be null and void as a result?
Two lassies on top of a wedding cake?No, we can’t have that.
2. People who have been attacking mosques and tearing hijabs and niqabs off women in response to the brutal murder of an English soldier in London this week. This will help how exactly?
3. The cunting EDL. Although their cringe worthy level of stupidly did give me a laugh this week.
4. The charming “pro-lifers” who insist on distributing the most vile of propaganda at about 10 at night, then quickly legging it away from your letterbox before you have a chance to even engage them. To be fair though, I’d probably flee too if my argument centred on the gross fallacy that women and men who seek abortion are on a par with those who systematically slaughtered millions during World War Two.
5. Irish people who give out about the amount of immigrants in the country yet expect “Barry O’Bama” to somehow turn a blind eye to the illegalities of 50,000 Paddies who outstayed the length of their visas in the U.S.
6. People who use the adjective “Downs” or “downey” to describe those with Down syndrome and if one more medical professional uses either term in my presence, I will lose my shit.
7. And finally, the creator of the cronut. What fuckery is this? A croissant is a croissant. A doughnut is a doughnut. Any inter breeding of the two is madness, madness I tell you!
To all these people, allow me to say in the clearest possible language-You’re wrong!You could not be more wrong. You are standing so far away from the line of acceptable behaviour that the line is a dot to you. 
A very small dot. 

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  1. Good rant my dear!!! I do have to say I disagree with your views on the cronut. Such a cross between two amazing things could not have come from an evil place. But I suppose we will have to agree to disagree on that one!!!

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