Mini Reality Check

If last week ended on a high note with the legend of a night out that was the 2014 Irish Blog Awards, then this new week started on a bummer with the mother of all hangovers and a dodgy two-hour drive back to Galway in high winds in a little 1300cc van which shuddered and shook at anything approaching 90 km.

Having survived the treacherous trip back, I was left to nurse not only my monster hangover but a teething infant and hyperactive toddler for the day as the Frenchman had to go into work. Girls, it’s adorable that ye mirror each other’s emotional state, but the surround sound crying has got to go! I somehow made it to 8 o clock with both babies fed,bathed and in bed (and crucially still alive!) whereupon I crawled into my own leaba for some much-needed shut-eye.

That blissful slumber never truly took hold due to the tail end of some hurricane that ranted and raved and seemed at times to be doing its level best to blow out our upstairs windows.Needless to say the babies were not impressed and no one got any sleep of value that night. So on to Monday-traditionally the busiest day of the week for me at work.

They say Blue Monday happens in late January and is the most depressing day of the year. Well I’m convinced that my blue Monday happened yesterday! Busy work place plus feck all sleep is not an equation that yields a positive outcome in any way shape or form. I somehow made it to five o clock,whereupon I received a call from our bank with the outcome of our recent mortgage application.

I’ll spare you the suspense-they said no. They like that we are in permanent jobs, have a nice chuck of savings and that we have zero debt. They don’t like the fact that we pay rent to our landlady in cash, with no electronic record to peruse-they do seem to like a good old perusal of our history in transaction form. We provided them with our lovely rent book but they seem to think we have forged it cos you know with me being from Limerick and the Frenchman being from em, France they seem to think we have fetched up in Galway without having to pay any rent whatsoever. So that was the end of the mortgage application with our bank who we have been banking with for years. Loyalty and a perfect credit rating apparently count for nowt. We now need to approach our landlady and ask her can we start to pay rent directly into her bank account, which to be honest, I’m not sure if this is something she will be wholly receptive to.

It throws a right spanner in the works for our plans, particularly mine as I recently went back to a job I am not particularly fond of for the express reason of getting a mortgage. I know it’s just the first rejection, and it’s not a proper rejection as such, but it still felt like a body blow when the branch manager relayed the bad news to me. I’m not going to lie, I had a wee cry in the car park after another horrendous day at work. Some people can do the kind of work I do (call centre), some can’t. I’m just not good at taking abuse over the phone. Who knew?

I have been taking steps to find other work but employment in Galway was a tough nut to crack pre the arse falling out of everything, so trying to get a decent job these days is fecking impossible. I did apply for a journalist position in a local newspaper recently. I’ve no experience working in a busy news room but I’m a blogger and a writer (a lover, not a fighter) so I decided to throw my name into the ring for the craic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, my application didn’t even warrant a PFO email.

To add insult to injury, yesterday also marked the end of Mini’s regular speech and language therapy appointments as her therapist is going on maternity leave and we have been told she will not be replaced. due to cutbacks, Mini has lost her physiotherapist and occupational therapist over the past 2 years and only receives sporadic appointments in both therapies from the head physio of the area. We didn’t mind so much with this as she is very strong physically but that is not the case in relation to her speech so we will have to look at getting private speech and language classes for her. My knee jerk reaction was feck it, we’re leaving this fecking country. It just doesn’t seem to be working for us. But it is home and it is where the heart is, bruised and battered as it may be!

And it was cold!!So fecking cold. The Indian Summer has well and truly left our shores. It kind of seems like we’ve bypassed Autumn and gone straight into freezing Winter.

At least the day wasn’t a total disaster, as right before the stroke of midnight I received a lovely email from one of my oldest friends with the awesome news that she and her husband are expecting their first baby at the end of April next year.
So in conclusion,hooray for babies,boo for banks and Blue Mondays!

Monday I was a bit like this…

19 thoughts on “Mini Reality Check

  1. Oh you poor petal that is one HORRIFIC day. Banks are pr*%cks, your babies are ridiculously gorgeous, and that newspaper is obviously having a moment of insanity not to consider you. Hope the week turns sunny side up. Big hug to you, my sweet x

  2. What a litany of personal disasters. I am so sorry you had so much negative news which would be hard to cope with at the best of times, but when you are not exactly in your best form it must have been awful.
    Hope this works out somehow for you all. Hang in there, you are an amazing mom you deserve some luck.

  3. Ah balls to the bank. I have had the cash in hand landlord, and our suggestion to make things a little more legit was made with a swift (but slight) rent reduction.

    And I’m raging for the hand you are dealt in the shitty lottery that is consistency of HSE services.

  4. That’s terrible that your bank is being so unhelpful 🙁 And ridiculous that you’re losing the speech and language therapy. I feel your pain on the call centre work. I don’t think I could cope with it at all! Hope the rest of the month is a steady improvement on this…

  5. Ah, that’s just a horrible horrible day, you poor thing. And everything looks worse on the tail end of a hangover (or jet lag, I have to say) too. Could you write a cheque for your landlady – would the bank like that better than cash? And I’m appalled at them taking away Mini’s services like that. Feck feck feckity feck.

  6. Oh no, that’s awful. You poor thing. The bank thing just sounds silly. Maybe ask them what you should do – if they need to see transactions, could your landlady accept payment via payment to her bank account? Maybe the best is to just be pissed off for a few days and get it out of your system (like here) and then step back to start thinking about plan B. Sometimes it’s too soon to start making new plans.

    1. It delays the application until March by which time new regulations will mean we won’t qualify for the mortgage we want. Applying to different banks now so fingers crossed somebody likes us and wants to give us money!

  7. So sorry Aedin. I know a few people trying to get mortgages at the moment and it seems impossible to crack. They have jobs and savings. It’s just crazy.. A few years ago they were throwing money at us.
    I worked in a call centre in England for 2 years and I know how soul destroying that can be at times.
    2014 has been a horrible year for me, but in the last few weeks things have improved. I really hope your luck changes and this is just the end of a bad spell. :)x

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