Mini Roams Free

This post is linking up with the fab Ethan’s Escapes Amazing Achievements Small Steps-celebrating small yet awesome steps our little ones with special needs take in their everyday lives. It’s a fantastic idea and one that I’m honoured to have been asked to contribute to.

This week, Mini’s amazing achievement is one that brought an even bigger smile to her happy face as it has increased her level of independent movement, something she just can’t get enough of.
She is still a wee scrap of a thing- at only 84cms, she still fits into clothes for 12-18 month old babies. This week,however, she stretched herself high and managed to open the kitchen door-it’s the last door on the lower level of our house that had previously been out of bounds to her (all the handles are at differing heights).

The first time she managed it, she let out a squeal of delight and promptly flung herself down the hall, nearly falling over in in her joy at having unlocked the final barrier to her independent roaming of the house. It’s such a little thing-opening a door- but it was so lovely to see how pleased she was with herself and her achievement.

You can read more amazing tales of first steps here. I thoroughly recommend them as the perfect hump day pick me up.

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  1. This is fantastic, you really do notice how much they have grown when they are able to reach door handles. It is such a small thing but your right, it really does give them independence, I had never thought about it before. It must be why Ethan squeals with delight now he can open the doors at nannys house.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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