Mini sister bliss

Another week, another awful story in the news concerning a family who have been torn apart by a diagnosis of Down syndrome. I made the mistake of commenting on a high profile case concerning a similar case last year, so I won’t be commenting on this story. For starters,it’s none of my business. I don’t know the full story and the media love putting their own spin on things, leading to hours of gossiping from strangers who don’t have a clue what is going on in the lives of the protagonists. Instead, I’m going to highlight the positives in my own surroundings rather than dwell on the negatives in a household thousands of miles away.

This week in our house, I’m feeling pretty blessed by our two little ladies. I never had a female sibling, though I consider myself lucky to have many sisters from another mister. That special bond that exists between biological sisters remains something I have never experienced, however and I love that my children get to enjoy it.

I watch the minis grow side by side each day; laughing, playing, copying each other, fighting over toys, kissing and making up(with a little help from their parents!) I cannot imagine life without either of them and I don’t think they could imagine life as an only daughter either. I watch Mini being the doting big sister,comforting her little sibling when she is upset,giving her her bottle and kissing her goodnight. “Sheen” was one of Mini Mini’s first words-short for Róisín. When Mini comes home from preschool, before we have even opened the front door,she is calling for her sister.

I love that they have each other and I hope they will always be there for each other.Mini Mini knows nothing of Down syndrome. She will learn some day. She will learn of the prejudice and misconceptions and all the negativity surrounding it and then she will come home to her big sister and wonder what all fuss is about.

Sisters, doing it for themselves, and no one else. It’s magical. Until they both become moody anti-Christ teenagers. That will definitely be a touch less magical.


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  1. Such cute photos. My girl has no sister (and won’t have!) ive two great ones but they’re 19 and 15 years younger than me, and you’re right there’s something about the sister bond.

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