Mini space time continuum

I have the fear. Not your normal run of the mill, Sunday evening fear when a full week of tedious work looms on the darkened horizon. No this is something even more terrifying. That bastard hour is coming. Or rather going. Winter time starts officially this coming Sunday morning as if the hurricane winds and torrential downpours weren’t enough of a giveaway. The clocks are going back which means unbridled joy for that portion of the population without children.

You see that hour, that extra 60 minutes of delicious slumber, or lazing about in the bed, or just enjoying more TV on a wet and windy weekend takes on a whole new sinister aspect when there are smallies involved. First of all, kids obviously don’t understand about the hour as they havent yet learned about that mysterious entity called time. Second, and I’m not sure why this is, it completely messes them up. When we were establishing a routine with Mini, that hour used to completely throw us off kilter. It was the same when we went to France. Our carefully crafted four hour feeding schedule would fall to bits. One hour doesn’t seem like a lot but it makes all the difference when you’ve got a routine which is working for you and your family.

Thankfully, Mini Mini has absolutely no routine whatsoever, so you can’t lose what you never had, but I know she’ll be unsettled as a result of the time change, as will her sister. It just mucks things up and makes it such a long day having to contend with an extra hour entertaining the kids.

What’s making it worse is that Mini has dialled back her wake up call from half seven to half six, which means come this Sunday, it’ll be half five when she cheerfully flings open the bedroom door and jumps on our bed. Her sister has cut down on the amount of nocturnal disturbances to a mangeable once during the night, which is easy to deal with-a bottle, a cuddle, a kiss and she’s back to sleep. We’ve progressed to the one time waking a night phase.That glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel is getting wider with every passing night. We ve endured a lot to get here but just as one child is starting to play ball,the other is starting to act up.

Mini has always slept well but lately,she’s been unsettled and waking up before morning.And a Mini who is wakened during the night is something else entirely-when she’s up, she’s up and everyone else in the house needs to be awake too. The clocks going back mean she’ll be waking at half five!!!Which is just cruel and unnecessary and all kinds of wrong. No one should ever have to be up that early.

So every time I pass the fridge and see the calendar with the impending Sunday of doom getting closer and closer, I shudder. That fecking hour-messing things up for everyone in our house and I’ll bet it’s not even sorry.

Of course for all of ye childless feckers, it’ll be a double bonus-an extra hour and a Bank holiday weekend.Double bastards the lot of ye.


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