Mini star student

Mini has a bi-weekly speech and language group called Little Owls where she learns nursery rhymes and new words and signs.She likes it for the most part especially the music but as she has become more mobile so she increasingly refuses to sit still for the full 45 minutes.

I imagine this would be the case for most inquisitive 2 year olds, however she seems to be the worst culprit in the group. I always feel like a bit of a crap parent as week after week, I spend most of the 45 minutes chasing after her and returning her to her little wooden bench. The others seem keen to hop up and explore too but not to the same extent as our little Dora! She also never shows the others what she can do-at home she is nearly singing all the words to certain songs-like “Wheels on the Bus” for example, ok to the uninitiated ear it will sound more like this “Dehweesonnnnbissssguhhhhrounnnannnrounnn” but to me it sounds near perfect. She doesn’t join in with the other kids when they are doing their signs, all she seems to want to do is trot around the room, engaging only when it suits her, but I might add, still praising the other kids when they do the right sign or choose the correct picture with a cheeky pat on the head and a round of applause. I have considered that maybe she harbours a not so secret desire to teach the class but this could be pure fantasy on my part!

Well this week, I’m happy to report that Mini sat still for nearly the full class time. I only had to waddle after her once. She vocalised a lot more, showed off her signs and her beautiful singing voice and really engaged with the other kids and the therapists, all from her seat!Very proud of my baby’s small steps amazing achievement this week!

Mini sitting pretty.

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  1. She sounds like she has been taking notes from Ethan, I always had this problem! Send her a big congratulations for good sitting this week, now I'm starting to sound like our key worker lol.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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