Mini Stunt Woman

This week’s small steps amazing achievement is one that has put a smile on the face of everyone who has heard it. Some background info needed for the story-

1.Mini has recently learnt how to come down the stairs herself by ‘bumming’ it down one step at a time. We always make sure one of us is with her when she does this- normally going ahead of her so we’re ready to catch her should she miss a step.
2.We have recently taken down one side of Mini’s cot allowing her independence to flourish as she can now hop into and out of the bed whenever she likes, which obviously has both good points and bad ones. It’s great to see her so mobile and we get the pleasure of her trotting into us in the morning to deliver lots of early cuddles and kisses.
It also means that now she can escape her cot, she has decided that 7.30 pm is far too early a time to go to sleep.
3.My brother was up staying with us for a few days this past week and one evening myself and Papa got to enjoy a well overdue date night courtesy of our live in babysitter.
4. My bro is profoundly deaf. We had purchased a baby monitor that vibrates whenever Mini moves, so he knew when to check on her. Mini put paid to that particular piece of technology some months ago, so like the rest of us he has no option but to go up the stairs to check on her. We have a gate at the top of the stairs that’s a bit finicky-sometimes it closes fine but other times you have to wait for the ‘click’ to confirm it’s closed properly.

So on the night in question we gave Mini an extra 30 minutes of waking time before putting her to bed at eight as she had been rubbing her eyes-a sure sign that she’s tired- and then headed out to one of our favourite restaurants.
We were just finishing up our main courses less than an hour later, when I received this text from my brother-

The little scut had opened the gate by herself, gotten all the way down the stairs sans supervision, found the remote, gone over to her uncle who was on the computer in the kitchen at the time and demanded her favourite TV show. After getting over the initial shock or her coming down the stairs all by herself, we had a right good chuckle and agreed to allow her some late night Peppa so impressed were we with her effort! She got a few more episodes for her troubles before we headed back to the house to put her to bed for the final time that night!
I love stories like this that highlight the determined nature and independent spirit of our little woman-it gives me lots of positive feeling and hope for her future. It’s a small (few) steps but an amazing achievement!

0 thoughts on “Mini Stunt Woman

  1. Love it! Kids love to hide these extra special tricks and abilities so they can “play their trump card” when the moment is right! Fair play to your “independent” little lady.

    What I like most about coming on this blog is that wonderful photo at the top. A perfect blend of cuteness and mischief! Always makes me smile. Someone is going to be keeping you on your toes for a while yet ;0)

  2. It's funny how kids just know when parents aren't there, even if they were in bed before we go out, and can pick just the right moment to leverage off the situation! Well done little stunt woman 🙂

  3. What a big adventure just for Peppa, she must have really wanted to watch it. I loved that your brother asked if he should put her back to bed and didn't just take her up there. In that journey she has proved just how much she has mastered.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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