Mini Vs Maxi

So the recent return to Ark like weather conditions in our fair land-come on people, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, did you seriously expect any differently?-has caused a curious memory to resurface. The year was 1994 and myself and a classmate were walking home from school when the heavens opened and we were caught in a torrential deluge. We weren’t far from home but even if we were, we weren’t that bothered by the soaking and I remember we were content just to carry on, chatting away about… well to be honest I have no idea what we were talking about-this being a pre Internet, pre Justin Bieber world with still only 2 TV channels for most households.

A car slowed down next to us, the window lowered and a woman started to beckon us in for a lift. Now we were two 13 year olds well versed in the dangers of the stranger so we politely declined. The woman became agitated and promised she’d “take us wherever we wanted to go”. Again we mumbled in our eloquent teenage way that we were fine really, that it was just a bit of rain. To which the woman gave us an incredulous stare, sighed, rolled up the window and sped off. Now for all we knew,she could have been an axe murderer but I prefer to take an positive view of the situation-that she, like many adults just didn’t like getting wet, which could lead to sickness and therefore didn’t want to see others having the same misfortune. This would just not occur to kids and they would have no such qualms about embracing the water. It’s raining?Mother, bring my wellington boots-there are puddles to jump into and thus get even wetter!!!

Which has gotten me thinking about other situations you are happy to experience as a kid but are all out of love for as an adult.
Falling over is high on my list. My other half has been trying to plan a ski trip for years now. I have resisted as the thought of taking a tumble has put me off. I mean that could hurt,right?? But falling over as a kid, that was kind of fun plus if you were lucky you wouldn’t just bruise yourself, there’d be some blood too which was always cool and led to the ultimate fulfilment-picking at the scab that formed.

Taste buds are another thing that vacillate wildly due to age. Penny sweets-I just could not get enough of those LSD trip inspired, brightly coloured, gooey, stick to back of your teeth for hours, formed by the remnants of boiled cow bones little gems. Hmmmm, so tasty as a child, but to an adult?Will stick to the more savoury snacks of cheese and crackers, thank you!

I guess there’s a simple explanation for all of this. Mainly that there’s a sense of wonder in everything as a child, that sadly and inevitably diminishes with age. I  for one, wouldn’t mind regaining a little bit of the adventurous zest for life I exuded as a kid, although for the sake of my teeth, I’ll leave the penny sweets to the young ones.

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