Mini Win

Warning-the following post may contain graphic images(depending on how vivid your imagination is!) and is of a nature that would be deemed unsavoury and unsuitable in polite conversation.Read on at your peril!

Potty training is an ongoing battle in our house. Mini doesn’t really show signs of being ready. Sometimes it seems like she wants to be changed quickly after filling her nappy, other times she seems to be more than happy to continue along on her merry way, not a bother on her. She makes “poo noises”-I’m sure I don’t need to explain these in too great a detail!-and gets that far away look in her eyes so I think she is conscious that something is happening down below. Sometimes she will squat in corners and then come to us.
It’s a very difficult thing to pre-empt without proper language cues. Add to this Mini’s fear of the toilet and potty-until recently she absolutely refused point blank to sit on either a plastic or porcelain loo-and you can see how I loathe potty training. But the thing is, once it’s done, it’s done and the contents of a 3 year old’s nappies are a sight no one should ever have to witness, in my opinion so we persevere.

I recently joined a Facebook group for parents of kids with Down syndrome. Amongst all the happy smiling photos and posts of encouraging stories and accomplishments parents are sharing, there are also some horror stories including one from a mum who was asking for advice on potty training. Her little fellah is 9 years old and still in nappies.

These kind of stories freak me out. Already I think potty training is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as a parent without hearing it could be an ongoing thing for years. Of course I’m doing exactly what I wish others wouldn’t do-lump all kids with Down syndrome into the same mix. I have to remember that every child is different and reaches their milestones according to themselves, not the common consensus, but I’m only human and so prone to irrational thoughts and behaviours.

So this week, I was delighted to witness Mini’s first proper use of the toilet. I’ve been leaving a little pause in between stripping her off for her bath and plonking her down in the water. She started to make “poo sounds” and I popped her onto the toilet-with just a little struggle-and it was fire in the hole!
It’s a teeny, tiny baby step in the right direction but hopefully it’s something we can build on. It would be amazing to have her potty trained this summer. The exciting dreams of parents eh?

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