Mini Winnings & Losings

It’s indiciative of my mood these past few weeks that I’m only now getting around to posting my report from the Blog Awards Ireland awards ceremony which took place in the plush surroundings of the Osprey Hotel, Naas last Saturday, 13th October.  I have been struggling with some old demons of late and didn’t think I’d make it to the ceremony. Luckily, an old friend stepped up and agreed to be my date for the night to calm those getting to know people jitters.
All important name badges for the night
It was a night of meetings and greetings including the delightful Belle, who I have been looking forward to meeting for ages .
It was also a night of mistaken identities, of rallying around fellow finalists at lucky for some ( @mhdelaney  who won Best Science Blog and who is a contributor for the winners of best Political Blog) unlucky for others-the lovely lads from Table 13, for sharing in their victory, commiserating at their defeat, laughing as the live Twitter feed gradually got more hilarious and smuttier as the night progressed,pigging out on delectable ice-cream and lots and lots of glitter glue.
I think you can guess that I didn’t take home the gong(eh, actually more like vase-interesting design!) for ‘Best Personal Blog’. That honour went to the incredibly talented
@MollyMoo_ie who also won awards for Best Craft Blog and Best Designed Blog. All during the week in the run up to the ceremony, people were asking me if I was nervous about my chances and there were some rather sweet rallying cries on Facebook for miniandmum to bring it on home. I never really thought I would win to be perfectly honest. I wasn’t fishing for compliments, I was being realistic. There are quite simply, thousands of Irish blogs out there, maybe hundreds of thousands and some incredibly talented writers. I’m just a small fish in a big pond.
Still for my first year blogging, to be a finalist ain’t too shabby and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.
This is how you wear them right?
But perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the night was the sight of fellow Galway resident, Móna of sweeping the boards with four awards, including Best Overall Blog. She started out blogging just like me and her efforts have been rewarded with the Sunday Times, a paper I adore, offering her a job. If you’ve been to visit her site, I think you’ll agree she is a worthy winner.
The entertaining live Twitter feed on the left.
I’ve struggled for years through a chronic lack of confidence to get my career in writing off the ground. Móna’s  message on the night to the audience was simple “Keep blogging” and seeing her up stage as the culmination of all those hours spent slogging away while no doubt trying to juggle all other aspects of life was truly inspiring. Maybe that could me one day, actually getting paid for something that I really love. Hey a girl can dream!

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