Minis Christmas Fun

Yes, I know Christmas is still weeks and weeks away but bear with me! I haven’t blogged a huge amount about mini Mini for reasons I made clear here. Today is the start of week 33 and I had a hospital appointment this morning. Everything looks and sounds(that strong healthy heartbeat is something I never get tired of hearing!) good. Mademoiselle has turned and is in the cephalic or head down position which is fantastic. Of course, she could still turn back but fingers crossed she’ll maintain that position until she arrives.

I’ve started to get really excited now about her arrival but it’s an excitement tinged with anxiety-we’re about to bring another life into this world. A brand spanking new human being coming into this crazy, crazy world. Just a few days ago on the RTE website, there were 4 separate stories about child abuse in this country. The polar ice caps are melting, our health care system is in danger of toppling headlong into it’s own self made crevice, we’re all broke and somehow myself and the Frenchman thought it would be a good idea to bring another squawking,hungry mouth into this world. Are we mad?

Yes, most definitely. But then, I’m guessing that most parents will tell you they are too. I’m trying to blot out any thoughts of a return to the horror of sleepless nights and panic attacks about being solely responsible for the survival of this tiny human being by imagining the best early Christmas present ever-a healthy, squidgy, newborn in my arms! This has led to an inevitable trawling through the net for matching Christmas outfits for the girls. Here are some of the best I’ve found-to be honest, I’d buy them all if I could!*

*Except the last one, I’m not sure what’s going on in the last one.|3134712536


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6 thoughts on “Minis Christmas Fun

  1. 100% with you on the excitement-tinged-with-anxiety of a new baby, but not so sure about the matching Christmas outfits… All those worries about posseting and spilled dinners etc seem too much like hard work to me! Bung 'em in leggings and tops and have a lovely, relaxing day 🙂

    Very best with bump and the big push etc


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