Minis & Mum

Apologies for the slow update but I think you can probably guess why!
Little Miss finally made her way into the world at 13:49 on Friday November 29th.
I ‘ll leave the full details of the birth for another post but will just say that they included an induction, an epidural that DIDN’T WORK, a mercifully quick progression, a second degree tear and then Mademoiselle Éloise Sadhbh was here, all 8lbs 6oz and 56cm of her!

She is just fab and very much adored by her big sister who loves to shower her with kisses and cuddles, although there has been a sly shove to the Moses basket administered here and there when she has thought no one was looking!

We came home late Saturday and I have been alternating between a blissed out state of post birth haze and trying to establish successful breast feeding which so far is proving very difficult but I am determined to persevere! So apologies for what will no doubt be a quiet period on the blog while we welcome our new little bundle to the family.

Mini meets her little sis for the 1st time

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