Mummy Item of the Week

So this one is a bit far removed from what most mummies would picture themselves doing but I have to say I’m intrigued by an article I read in The Sunday Times and would love a look see. David Lynch, he of weird and wonderful TV such as Twin Peaks and film such as Mulholland Drive has opened a nightclub in the painfully cool and arty district of Montmarte in Paris called Silencio, after the club in Mulholland Drive. Well it’s more than just a nightclub;it is in fact a member’s club an annual membership of €780 for locals and a slightly less hefty €420 for under 30s or foreign residents. But after midnight everyone can get in!
David Lynch, Montmarte, nightclub all in the one sentence. I’m going to work on Papa to see will a trip to Paris be in the cards in the near future. This is one trip though that would definitely by biggies only!

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