Netflix Fix Update

It’s the summer, it’s raining so here are our recommendations for the best shows currently streaming on Netflix to stop you from climbing up the walls and get you binging on quality entertainment!

Orphan Black

When I first came across Orphan Black on Netflix, I was instantly hooked. It may have had its flaws-low budget, obviously set in Toronto yet alluding to being set in the States, some less than perfect camera work and a story that at times chased its own tail down the rabbit hole-yet it had one amazing attribute in the skills and talents of actress Tatiana Maslany. For those of you not up to speed with the Emmy award winning show, here’s a little backstory to the hit sci-fi drama.

Drifter and all round screw up, Sarah comes back to the city in order to try and be a better mother to her young daughter, Kyra. While waiting at a station, she witnesses the suicide of a woman who leaps into the path of an oncoming train, but not before she has revealed herself to be Sarah’s doppleganger.

Sarah seizes the opportunity to steal the dead woman’s identity, however, what seemed like a quick fix solution to her messed up life plunges her into a crazy world of human cloning, evil corporations and religious cults. If you haven’t watched this show, then you are really missing out at the sheer joy that is Tatiana Maslany. Any one episode can see her play up to five characters. Her accents- from Californian stoner to uptight suburban soccer mom to Ukrainian assassin- are all spot on. You honestly believe you are watching different characters and just wait till you see her playing a clone pretending to be another clone!

Felix, who is Sarah’s scene stealing foster brother is also another reason to watch and even Maria Doyle from the Commitments shows up as the mysterious Mrs S. All four seasons are available for streaming on Netflix now.

Orange is the New Black

Season Four has recently been released , which means a whole load of new characters. How will the Litchfield regulars cope with this new influx of inmates? And just where is Sophia? It’s still great to see so many strong female characters on our screen but I’ll admit this new season hasn’t exactly set my heart on fire. I hear there’s a major upset coming soon though so I’ll stick with it. Truth be told though, I miss Nicky!!

My Little Pony

We made it this far in the lives of the minis before all things pink and sparkly became the norm. The littlest mini is a real princess, however, so she was all for this cartoon when I was asking them what they wanted to watch the other day. What can I’s My Little Pony but not as we 80s kids know it. It’s been given a Manga make over and I’ll be honest, some of the baddies are a little on the scary side, but the kids love it. I caught one episode and there’s a nice theme of friendship running through it with emphasis on it’s what’s inside that counts so that’s good.

My Little Pony: Equestrian Girls

The minis also super-mega-love this show where the ponies become humans and have to deal with the perils of high school life but with a pretty catchy soundtrack. For the under 6’s at least.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team which means I post regular posts about content that is currently available on the platform. I am not paid for my reviews which remain my own honest to God ones.

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