Netflix November Update

Oh the weather outside if frightful…

It’s not quite Christmas time yet but it may as well be the depths of winter with the horrible weather and the dark days getting ever shorter. Thank god for Netflix then to keep us all entertained!Here’s what the minis and mum have been watching this month.

Skins Fire

I loved the first two seasons of Skins-the Bristol based drama about a party hard group of teenagers. They made me feel like a dinosaur, however, so when Tony, Michelle, Cassie et al moved on, I did too. I had heard good things about the final series, Skins Fire so decided to give it a go.

I always loved the character of Effie though, she seemed to be the most together, coolest teenager on the planet. Now, however, she’s stuck in a dead-end receptionist’s job. In true Effie style, she stumbles across crucial financial information and uses it to her advantage to not only climb the corporate ladder, but storm her way to the highest rung. So far so good but nothing as engaging as the first few series. Maybe a few more of the old characters will make it more interesting.


Fresh Meat

This Channel 4 series is one of the funniest I have watched in a long time. It centres about a group of first year college students who missed out on dorms and now find themselves lumped together in an off campus house. There’s uber-posho, JP (played by comedian Jack Whitehall), super geek Howard, eager to please Josie, nice guy Kingsley ( from the In Betweeners),tries too hard Oregan and too cool for school Vod-one of the most original and entertaining characters on our TV screens in sometime. The ensemble cast is fantastic, the energy these guys give really transfers on the telly and there are some real laugh out loud moments.

The cast of Fresh Meat.

House of Cards

I’m back giving this series another go. I loved Season One and myself and the Frenchman devoured it in a few nights watching. I unfortunately can’t say the same about Season Two. With the exception of one majorly shocking incident at the start of this series, it has never reclaimed the heights of excitement of previous episodes and I’m finding it all just a little too political but I’m going to persevere as I hear the ending makes up for the lull in drama.

Monsters Inc

I was delighted to see this one added to the Netflix collection. We brought Mini to see the sequel/prequel, Monsters University, and I have to say I didn’t think it was a patch on the original. The tale of love between a little girl and her monster is timeless. The minis loved Boo and Sully and Mike Wasowski was a big hit too!


What have you been watching to escape from the dreary weather?

Disclaimer:I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and was given a free Apple TV and year’s subscription to Netflix in exchange for regular reviews. All opinions remain my own honest ones.

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